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Hiding their weakness

Updated on November 22, 2013

Two years ago, a friend hugged me and gave me fifty dollars, this year he invited me for dinner, to my astonishment his whole family was there. They all tried in their own personal but small ways to show me how much they love me.

-We appreciate you Rossi. (Jude's Mother)

These whole love was because of one thing. You see, Jude has a problem with his left eye,he cannot see with it and the way it pumps out gives him a funny facial look then his right leg is thinner than his left leg, this was apparently caused by measles.

Live for others

Is it profitable to highlight on others strength instead of their weakness?

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We went into the audition hall, Jude was sitting in between the managers so we were asked as aspiring film makers to illustrate Jude in a way that will inspire people. Five other participants positioned him in their own styles, we all tried to be creative. They all positioned him as a beggar doing one thing or the other but i positioned him as this strong feature.

I had him holding up the imaginary car with the driver in it and wearing a dark spec which gave him a command over his action then had his deformed leg positioned in a way to support his entire body.

Q: Why can't we all position others this way. Hiding their weakness and highlighting their strength.


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