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His Metrics Won

Updated on November 10, 2016

Brown barren face, her eyes plucked before preliminary breath and daddy’s hands rave upon muscle and mirth. Swing; curtain of marvelous appreciation, mama’s song has long departed and I hold not the intellect of voice to reason. Daddy is my only motive and he dances as fire around navel and grin. Um, genetics hang high and there she is, bingo card and inexpensive wine, never call her of swine! Thrust against rigid barrier, cancerous smoke as thy only lover of destiny; daddy upon brown barren face. Please, race within I, a secret beyond compression and pinup cologne! Lace with my race, daddy’s home. God, he never left though! Brown barren face, he clarifies another lesson. Daughter to adult, daddy to don’t, he is genetics and his metrics won…


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