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Adoption Poetry

Updated on February 11, 2019
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My name is Jolene Belmain, and I love my family, including my fur babies, and cooking.

Adoption can be a difficult choice.

Writing poetry is easy for a lot of people, it's finding the right words that is difficult. Sometimes the words come out of nowhere, and you find yourself speechless after reading what you have put down.

Whether you enjoy writing it, or even just reading it, there are poems that have touched us all in one way or another.

Photos and poetry found on this article are ©Jolene Belmain.

Other images used are from the public domain images found at Karen's Whimsy


There are so many different reasons for wanting to both adopt a child or giving a child up for adoption. Wanting to adopt is a very selfless act of wanting to better a living situation for a child or animal, and raise them and love them as if you had personally given birth to them. It takes a lot of love to open your home to another family member.

If you happen to be the parent giving your child up for adoption, you should never feel bad about your decision. This is also a very selfless decision that is never to be taken lightly, and any parent would understand the choice at hand. Taking the proper steps to ensure that your child or pet will have the best life possible is always difficult to face, but is worth all of the hard efforts in the end to be sure they receive the best love and care possible.

The best pregnancy book ever!

During most first time pregnancies, the new-to-be mother will want to read as much about the pregnancy as possible. This book has absolutely everything you will need to know while you are pregnant.

There's also a book by the same author which guides you to a healthy way to eat to make sure you and your baby are getting all of the nutrients you require to have a healthy baby and mom.

Have you ever adopted a child?

Have you ever adopted a child?

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He Would Be 16: Michelle Write

If you find yourself pregnant and alone or scared, there are so many options you can choose.

What exactly is adoption?

Adoption Council of Canada

211 Bronson Avenue

Ottawa, ON K1R 6H5

by telephone: 613-235-0344

toll free: 1-888-542-3678

From the U.S.? Click this link

Do some research first before choosing the best option.

Face In The Crowd

Forty-two hours of labour

then I hear a beautiful cry;

I hold you for a brief moment

before I say good-bye.

I want something better for you,

more than I could ever give.

I know the choice is right

so a better life you'll live.

After I've packed my stuff to leave

I decide to take a peek,

looking at all those babies

I know you are most unique.

I will love you always and forever,

you make me so darn proud

to be your loving mother

though to you I'll be just a face in the crowd.

©Jolene Belmain

Have you ever given up a child for adoption?

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Best Friend

Brown with spots

black and white

the energetic one barking

or the quiet one on the right

I'll walk him every day mom

I promise, I swear

I'll do everything you want

if I can have that one right there

I'll love him every day

and sleep with him every night

I'll play with him all of the time

and teach him not to bite

He'll be my best friend

and I'll be his

he looks so much like a bear cub

I think I'll call him Grizz

Oh thank-you mom

thank-you so much

I will never release him

from my loving clutch.

©Jolene Belmain

Brad Paisley - He didn't have to be

Any man can be a father, it takes a true man to become a dad!

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© 2011 JoleneBelmain


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