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Updated on May 29, 2013

The Hobbit was written by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien in 1913. The Hobbit is about the adventure of some dwarfs and a hobbit.

At the begining of the story the dwarves met in the hobbit's (Bilbo's) hole.

Then (at the begining of their adventure) they met with the trolls. There they almost got captured and killed when Gandalf (an other dwarf who wasn't always with them during their adventure) came and freed them.

After that they went into the cave of the trolls and found out that there was the troll's "treasures". They carried some of them and buried them next to a river.

Then they arrived to Misty Mountains. There came a big storm, so they sent Kili and Fili (the youngest dwarfs) away to look for something to hide away from the rain. When they came back, they (Kili and Fili) led them to a cave what looked like a absolutely alone one. While they was sleep there, they left some guards to guard them, their luggage and their ponies. Bilbo didn't sleep very well that night and when he had sleeping he had weird dreams. For example, once he dreamed that that there is a big crack on the wall in the cave's corner. Then he ran to that place and there really was a crack on the wall. He shouted for the dwarfs.

Then, together, they went down in the crack. There they saw goblins. They (the dwarfs and the hobbit) attacked them and beated them. But while they fought the them, the hobbit got a hit and swooned.

When he came to his mind, no one and nothing was around him, except his small bag and a ring on the ground. He didn't know what kind of ring was that, but without any thinking he put that in his bag. Then he went to a part of the cave where he could choose to go upward or down. He chose down. So he went downward until he reached a pleace where was a big lake. In the middle of that stood a small island. There lived a monster called Gollum who ate fishes and the goblins who went down there, also to get some fish from the lake. Gollum's eyes was good in the dark, so he saw that Bilbo was not a goblin. He was a curious creature so he wanted to taste the hobbit, but Bilbo wanted to get out from that cave. He started to play a stupid game with Bilbo. They asked questions and if Gollum couldn't answer than he had to show the hobbit how to exit . But if Bilbo couldn't answer than he had to be eaten by Gollum. They both answered to each other for all the questions, until Bilbo asked," What's in my bag"? He gave Gollum three guesses. All his guesses was wrong. Finally he took out and than pulled on his ring and he become invisible, but he didn't know that until Gollum run away just next to him (he didn't move from that place where he pulled on his ring) to the way of the extrance.

When Bilbo realised what happened, he went on downward. He saw some goblins around a fire. They heard his steps, so they followed the sounds. Finally he reached a big crack that led outside, but he stucked in the crack. Luckily the goblins' legs became paralysed from the sun shine. Finally, after lots of tries he got out.

After that, he continued his adventure. He didn't know where to go and where is his friens, but he went on. When he heard some voices in the distant, he went in the direction of the voices and saw his friends. He was so happy and he also wanted to surprise them. He climbed up on a tree above them as quite as he could. When they started to talk about their little bulglar (Bilbo), that how sad are they because of his lost, he jumped off the tree, in the middle of the circle that they formed and said,"Here is your bulglar!" and pulled off his ring. He all was happy that Bilbo didn't lost and also that all of them escaped from the goblins' cannel without any hurt. There they rested. While they rested there, they asked lots of questions from the hobbit and he told everything about his ring, Gollum and the escape from the goblins.

Finally they went on. At the begining of the crossing of a forest called Mirkwood, they had captured again, but this time by some wolves. While they was sitting on the trees and the wolves with terribly growing hunger was jumpink around, some goblins arrived there. But some time later the Eagles (who was the king of the sky especially their king) freed them by carrying them back to a place but in a safe one called Carrock. Then they went in a man's house who could change from a man into a bear and also back into a man. Finally they become friends and he gave them ponies and food (these was eaten by the goblins) and told them what path they should follow in the forest.

They tanked him and started to cross Mirkwood again, but now they was prepared for it more better. In the forest the path wasn't easy. First Gandalf went back to Beorn (the bear-man) to take the ponies to him because he knew that they will just cause more troubles than use, so Thorin Oakshield become the new their leader.

Then they had to cross a very dangerous river. Then they saw some elfs coming toward them, so Bilbo pulled on his ring and somehow he lost the dwarfs. So he had to look for them. He arrived to a enomous spider net with two enormous spiders on it. From their talk he figured out that his friend was captured by those spiders, so he had to free them and he also did it.

After he freed them and they was happy and celebrated him, they saw that they are missing someone, their leader, Thorin. He looked in the tree where the dwafs was captured, he wasn't there. They all became sad, but they had to continue their adventure. Next they was captured (just the dwarfs, Bilbo had his ring on again) by the elfs and they had to be in prison until somebody doesn't tell the Elvenking where are they going and what are their goals , but of course no one of them told the king anything about their adventure because that was a top secret. Bilbo was in the palace with his ring at the whole time and he couldn't sleep at the whole week of his "capturation". Soon he figured out that Thorin was there too. As you would think, he finally freed them again. After they celebrated and thanked him that he freed them again, they continued their journey. And then they exited from that terribly big forest an they all was so happy.

At the wooden city of Long Lake called Esgaroth, they was rested and also comforted by the people. After some weeks there they started the last part of their journey with a new strenghts.

Then they went to Lonely Mountain and looked for the secret door. After some days spent just with the looking for the door, on the first night of winter the moon shined down and opened a big crack on the ground. Bilbo put the key in its hole, turned it and the secret door opened. Bilbo pulled on his ring and went down in the cave and in the first room after the long channel that led down to it, there laid Smaug, the terrible dragon who guarded the treasure what also laid there. If he kill Smaug than they reached the goal of their long and hard adventure; they got rid of the dragon and had all the treasure that filled the whole mountain. He had a goal how to get rid of Smaug. He started to talk to him and finally figured out his weak point, so Smaug became mad and flew down to Esgeroth, because he taught that they sent him. He started to burn down the wooden city, but its people was so cool and prepared for the dragon. And in a terrible battle and with lots of deaths, finally they slayed Smaug. After they saw that the dragon died, they became angry for the the dwarfs (and also the hobbit, but especially the dwarfs, because they taught that the hobbit can harm for them). So their new army, plus the army of the elfs went up to the mountains to kill them, but the adventurers knew from some bird who flew around and around over the city, so they got prepared for a war. When the people arrived there, their leader started to talk with Thorin, who was inside of the mountian with his friends, for some hours. Their talking was stoped by the goblins' army. It was more larger and stronger than the army of the people and the elfs.

So a very terrible war had begun with lots of blood. Some times later, the dwarfs came out (all of them forgot them). They had been prepared for it very much too. Some hours later, Bilbo (who had his ring on, of course) shouted,"The Eagles! The Eagles! The Eagles are coming!" Then he had a hit and swooned again as he did in the goblins' channel.

When he came to he mind, he saw a man coming toward him. When he was close to him he asked that man,"Who won ?" The man just looked around asked," Who's talking ?" Than Bilbo remembered. He took off his ring. When the man saw him, he answered,"We did!" and carried him to their camp. When they saw him all the dwarfs was happy that he didn't die. Then they started to celebrate. When finished they divided up some of the treasure (they couldn't divided up all of them, because it was so much and they didn't want either). Then Bilbo and Gandalf went home. The others stayed there and built up the remains of a old city called Dale.

At home Bilbo found the other hobbits of his willage are moving in and out from his hole and soon he found out that there is a big auction going on, so he had to buy back as many thing as he could, but there was some staffs what he where is and who has it.

And bilbo lived happily after that.


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