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Holy Kidnapping

Updated on May 3, 2015

Too Funny!

Jimmy was 8 years old and he wanted a bicycle for Christmas. He went to his mother and said, "Mama, I want a bicycle for Christmas." Jimmy's mother said, "Well Jimmy, if that's what you want you should pray and ask Jesus for it."

Jimmy thought about what his mother said and decided that it was a good idea. So, he went to his room and began to pray, "Lord Jesus, I am a very good boy....." Jimmy stopped, realizing that he was totally lying and that the Lord knew it also. So, he started over, "Lord Jesus, I am an o.k. boy...."Jimmy stopped again and thought about the most recent trouble he had gotten into. He realized that, he was telling another lie.

Jimmy became desperate. Suddenly an idea came into his head. He ran to his mother and said, "Mama, Mama! I need to go to church right now! Can I go?!" His mother, being surprised but delighted that this kid actually wanted to go to church, said, "Sure son. Go right ahead."

Jimmy ran to the nearest church to his home. It just so happened to be a Catholic church. He went into the sanctuary and found that he was alone. He looked around and saw a small statue of the Virgin Mary. He grabbed the statue, put it under his arm and ran back home.

Once he was in the safety of his room he meticulously put the statue in a dresser drawer and closed it. He then got a pencil and paper and began to write, "Dear Jesus, If you ever want to see your mother again........"


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