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Home Coming

Updated on August 21, 2010

The house was exactly the way I left it last night. Dishes piled high in the sink, clothing scattered helter-skelter on the floor, unopened mail mixed with piles of empty pretzel bags, diet coke bottles strewn amongst discarded peanut butter cracker wrappers. Throwing myself onto the single mattress tucked into the corner of the cool, dark room on the far side of my house, I could hear the air whoosh out of the springs as they compressed under the force of my weight.

“Shit, shit, shit”, I thought to myself. “What have I done? How could I have been so stupid?” Rolled into the fetal position, I began to cry. And as I sobbed, I became lost in a self-indulgent reverie of self-pity, my mind replaying all the failures of my past, each of them seeming as real as if they had happened only yesterday.

In this state, I could see myself from above, bounding enthusiastically into a succession of self-destructive follies, each one of them consuming larger and larger pieces of my soul. Disappointments and failures parading by in my mind’s eye, I reach out to caress them individually, unwrapping and examining, luxuriating in their completeness, deriving a pleasure in the pain that feeds my desire for martyrdom, playing myself as the victim.

Exultant at last! See what you have done to me? Finally, the immensity of my incompetence lives up to my potential for underachievement. At long last, all the voices can be silenced when they speak of me and my accomplishments. Alone and broken, I embrace the sadness and loss, comforted as if with a long forgotten lover. Disgraced, humiliated, despised and despicable, intoxicated with the knowledge that my ruination was so thorough and unmitigated, leaving me without possibility of resurrection.

Realizing more than ever that my life had been lived in the image of the perceived expectation of others. Living in my own shadow, I was without identity, bewildered by the struggle to succeed in things that held no meaning.

Confused and out of place, uncomfortable in my skin, I looked to others as a compass of my destiny. Submitting myself to the lathe of conformity, I would hope to spin away the not so right edges of my spirit, eager to be delivered true and straight, forged in the image of a humanized gerbil, scampering to suckle on the water bottle of ordinariness..

©mordechai zoltan 2010


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    • shazwellyn profile image

      shazwellyn 8 years ago from Great Britain

      What is it to ordinary? Normality is only what you perceive it. Good writing again Pooh :)

    • MordechaiZoltan profile image

      MordechaiZoltan 8 years ago

      thanks nikki, I appreciate you reading it

    • Nikkij504gurl profile image

      Nikki Wicked 8 years ago from Louisiana

      pretty good. gave me a good visual of the scenario and i could relate to how the character(or you) was feeling.

    • MordechaiZoltan profile image

      MordechaiZoltan 8 years ago

      Thank you FF, as you deduced this is one scene in an ongoing project. I always am in search of feedback.

    • Fiction Factory profile image

      Fiction Factory 8 years ago

      This is a deeply subjective piece, and well executed. On the other hand, it almost begs for expansion - who knows where it might lead. If you need feedback, get in touch.

    • MordechaiZoltan profile image

      MordechaiZoltan 8 years ago

      Thank you very much, I appreciate your comment.

    • Missi Darnell profile image

      Missi Darnell 8 years ago from Southern California

      You are a gifted writer!