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Hot Secrets Behind Good Articles: How and Why Good Writers Always Write Good Articles?

Updated on June 9, 2011

Before writing to Hubpages, I have no idea about good articles. However, I have achieved it. Thanks hubpages. I already published several articles and I get about 2,000 visitors for my contents each day. How and why good writers always write good articles? To resolve this query, I start this writing.

Before going to the discussion, assume... you are a good writer and you write well. You writes good articles with a good handle of grammar, punctuation and spelling. Moreover, you recheck or proof your articles at least once before publishing or submitting your articles on any site or blog or other article publishing site. You are talent enough writing on any topics and people are always interested on your writing. Are all these enough for becoming a good writer? Do you think that it's enough to make interest or become popular to all the visitors? Are all these helpful to resolve interest on the visitors? Do people always wish more articles from you? If yes, then of course there is still something missing form your article. Can you believe about that?

It is possible that you already know that. But if you don't then you are lucky that you are in this page. I will explain it to you.

Most article writers are always like to write on descriptive writing. It's true. Have you heard about argumentative writing?  Argumentative writing is a discussion writing between the writer and the readers. But for this type of writing, the writer must have to some writing qualities. The writer start writing with a point, submit enough proof about that point and then create conclusion to reconfirm the correctness of that point to the readers. Now, for the readers part.

The readers part is really difficult to manage. But it's very easy to solve if a good writer always cares about the readers. To convinced the readers, the writer must admit at least some point that might correct to the readers. The writers then create some doubt but the doubt must be in proper way to entertain the readers. In the doubt part, the writer present argument as the writer could and must convince the readers. If the writer can create a little doubt, then the writer in correct position and the readers think that the writer's doubt is reasonable to them. The writer thus create a cloudy sky but the day is sunny. Do you understand?

However, the writer thus write the articles. The writer doesn't yet know whether the article is good or bad. Based on the doubt in his or her writing, the writer may win the discussion of his or her article but loose the reader or win the reader.

Thus, my own point is to write some argumentative writing in your online articles. Try to publish some argumentative writing. Just try at least some and see the result. There is no proof that this techniques works 100% but I think it will not loose you anything unless you understand this article. Wish... this article help you to write good articles....

@Written by rancidTaste

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    • klyaksa profile image

      klyaksa 5 years ago

      a very interesting hub. Trying different writing styles is they key in writing, I agree.

    • htodd profile image

      htodd 6 years ago from United States

      Great post...Thanks

    • wordsscriber profile image

      wordsscriber 7 years ago from California

      It is always good to expand ones writing ability by trying different writing styles. Thanks your explanation on the argumentative writing concept.

    • Amez profile image

      Amez 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Well written, You opened my eyes abit wider to writing, and also to what I really should never lose sight of, where am I taking my reader with what I'm writing, AND listen well to thier comments, if I truly want to become a writer.

    • Kevin Peter profile image

      Kevin Peter 8 years ago from Global Citizen

      You win a reader (Fan)now....