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How Critics Help You Improve Your Writing

Updated on November 16, 2011

Critics - We all hate critics

As a writer, no one love critics. Period. Critic is not welcome in any one's 'home' and will never do. Recently, my life experience taught me to love critics. If we want to improve our writings, one of the best way is by critics. I did that and certainly, I am see a huge improvements and even some of my critics become my most valuable followers. As funny as it seems, we could all turn something that mean to be so negative into something positive and even benefits up all. However, the fact that we all hate critics will never ever change. yes, it is in fact hard to change the perception and even I am having some issues with it. However, it does not deter me to accept it with open hearts.

Critics is every where but how do we handle critics?
Critics is every where but how do we handle critics?

Valuable experience recently...

As you all know, I had recently started my own website. I write about one to two articles and practised many backlink methods (including some which are highly, not advisable as they are risky). I wrote everything and anything under the sun, from technology news to how to become a good writer. Most of the comments I received were great and suddenly, I received my first critic.

The article is all about technology matter and he said that most of the people know about it. Well, he did said most and not all. You see, as a writer, we got to find any possible method to gain attention from others. So be it if it is just a minority but hey, you would never know right? He even said that he was not interested etc. Well, no big deal for me.

Even better, within a 3 weeks of writing, my website hit PR 1 and that is one great achievement for me. I just wish to tell him off that "what who is talking now". Anyway, I would still need to thank him for his critics as that really made me write even more.

Why critics are important?

I always believe that when we write, we tend to think that we had tried our best. well, our boldness could easily blind us and we can easily overlook on small mistakes etc. I got to thank my old friend of mine who said "Hey mate, I am not sure if what I am going to say is going to hurt you but, I think you got the facts all mixed up in ABC article". That was the turning point where I realized that I am just overconfident! Due to that, I overlooked on the matter and nearly spoilt the whole article. As critics might come in a very harsh way, we could always look at the positive side. I always believe that if we try our best, God will be on our end to help us out.

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    Reginald Chan 6 years ago from Malaysia

    Hi Savva Pelou,

    Thank you for your comment and hope you enjoyed it :)

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    Savva Pelou 6 years ago from London

    god hub