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How Hubpages Gave Me a Job and a New Discovery

Updated on February 26, 2012

When I was in kindergarten, my teachers were having a hard time training me how to write and read. Sure, I can catch up with songs, colors, and drawing but I was pretty troublesome with the former two. I don’t know if it was due to my teacher’s incompetence or my childish reluctance to learn. But anyway, I am not ashamed to tell everyone that it was only during my first grade that I learned how to read and write well.

Looking back, I still can’t imagine that I’d land on doing something my former pre-school teachers would not think I’d do in the coming years. Also, given my profession as a nurse, people are bewildered when they find out that I do writing for a living, aside from my previous rebellion in rock music (Hahaha!). All along, they knew that writing wasn’t really my thing. Well, at least not until two years ago…

Zen Health August to October Issue
Zen Health August to October Issue | Source

You see, when I was waiting for the result of my Philippine Nurse Licensure Exam, I decided not to work just yet because I want to relish months of good time and rest from my perilous BSN years. I was so desperate to do something worthwhile. I tried doing other things alongside composing songs and singing for various indie rock bands. One time while taking a break, I tried searching online for new nursing articles to read about, just to keep me abreast on new things about patient care and health, you know all that stuff. And from there, I had stumbled upon this nursing website called Nursetogether. As I read on further, I discovered that they were in need of contributors to share their expertise for nurses and nursing students alike. I thought why not give it a try? After all, I somehow have ample experiences to share with student nurses being the newly grad BSN scholar I am, that time. And the next thing I knew, I already have three articles published in that dynamic and interactive nursing website, one of which was also featured in a Philippine health magazine called ZEN HEALTH (August to October Issue).

So I guess, the aforementioned experience was my first jump to the realms of writing. But what does Hubpages had to do with my current writing endeavors? If you’re not yet eaten by boredom from this, first ever blog-like hub, then you may continue reading along…

Strict voice rest for two consecutive months. Thank goodness for the speedy recovery!
Strict voice rest for two consecutive months. Thank goodness for the speedy recovery! | Source

Okay so where were we? Well, I joined here in this cool website almost three months ago, prompted by the exasperation brought upon by a previous vocal cord disorder which I had triumphantly overcome. In September 2011, I was strongly advised by my ENT doctor to undergo strict voice rest. That means, I am not allowed to talk, whisper, moan, yell, shout, sigh, and produce whatever sound I am capable of for two months. The only time that I’d be allowed to talk is when my scope exam would show that I already have healed vocal cords. Luckily, I did have a smooth and fast recovery in the said period of time, from which I am very thankful of. But during those trying times, I literally have no one to talk to. People noticed that I became a little withdrawn so they started communicating with me through pens and whiteboards. And most of the time, I would do charades to tell them what I need or want. Also, I got tired of blogging for a while because it’s as if my reflective words were shouting back at me. I just hated doing that during those two hard months. One day, however, when I was browsing for some nursing photos in Google, I accidentally landed on I was on someone else’s hub which I currently resent having done nothing to remember her username. Basically, that was my first introduction to Hubpages.

Before we proceed...

May I ask, how did you come upon Hubpages?

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Okay now, for the discovery...

The moment I saw the potential of Hubpages as a credible platform for writing, I never missed the chance to sign up. I can still remember the video they had with that wonderful female voice over within the video clip. And from there, I almost cannot believe that I’ve published over ten hubs until today. Even after my recuperation, I was so hooked that I never stopped writing and participating in Hubpages community. Meanwhile, since I was left with no job to go back to after my recovery, I had to look for something to sustain my finances. During a month-long job hunt, I still continued writing in here.

Earning from Writing - For Real!

Never did I imagine that Hubpages would be the one to land me on my first writing job, well, at least figuratively. After endless trials and submissions, I was finally called by a local-based company in search for freelance article writers. I did not hesitate to attend their series of interviews. Of course, aside from seeing me, they had to read about some of my works. With that said, I openly admit that I passed some print outs of my hubs as part of my sample portfolio. Finally, last January 25th, I was officially hired by the said company. And almost three weeks ago, I got my first salary through a cash card they had provided for me. You don’t have an idea how delighted I was.

Well, it won’t hurt to tell everyone that I spent my first writing salary for my mother’s diagnostic examinations and check-ups.

I feel so proud of myself. It’s like graduating from college again. The training, keenness, flair in writing, and techniques I got from Hubpages are so valuable. I couldn’t have done this without them. There were also some hubbers who gave me full-blast support such as Cloudexplorer, Lord de Cross, rLcasalme, and others (I’m pretty sure you know who you are. It’s just that I am not really good with remembering usernames.) It’s like you’re all instrumental to this pay-check and the ones to follow.

Yeeeee! Cash card.  3
Yeeeee! Cash card. 3 | Source

I must say, Hubpages gave me the training I need in order to fortify my writing abilities and land on a decent and flexible writing job I can do along with my singing and studying. Furthermore, Hubpages gave me a revelation – that I can become a writer by my own means and rights. And for me, that is one big accomplishment.

Want to have that same positive transformation in your career and life?

Then join HUBPAGES!


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