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Are You a Compulsive Cheater?

Updated on September 18, 2019
Chriswillman90 profile image

Krzysztof is a lifelong future tech junkie investigating the latest stories from companies like Apple, Samsung, Google, and Amazon.


How to Stop Your Inner Cheater

Everyone loves to cheat because it's the funnest activity outside of plagiarizing. Cheating gives you better grades, it makes people like you, and it can get you into Harvard.

But sometimes it becomes a problem and we get caught, so it's necessary to address our cheater within.

My inner cheater loves to copy other people's works and use it as my own. My inner cheater giggles with glee while I try to smack him out of my head.

Everyone has a cheater within and we must contain them otherwise they will destroy our lives.

Don't Be a Cheater

When your inner cheater wants you to glance at another student's paper then you have to slap yourself right then and there. Don't mind what your professor is thinking because what does she know.

She doesn't have a cheater's mentality because she has her master's and is a complete genius, right? Okay maybe she cheated her way into the school, but it wasn't her fault.

You have to learn to say no it's very important. When you want to cheat you must tell that person in your head to sit down and be quiet.

How dare they try to take over your mind and make you do something so fun yet foul. It's an absolute travesty they are making you perform the most heinous act in the history of history.

Instead of looking at another student's paper why don't you try writing your own or in the case of a test, study.

Studying is the key to success not plagiarizing, so you need to keep your head high and learn the tricks of the trade. If this doesn't make any sense yet then good it's not supposed to.

Disappointed New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady
Disappointed New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady | Source

Cheaters (Almost) Never Win

If an athlete takes "herbal enhancements" does that mean they are cheating?


Those are herbal supplements, which came from the tears of mother nature herself. Why would you accuse someone of being a cheating athlete just because they drank some tea? It doesn't make any sense; they've worked hard for their millions.

So I hear someone tried to deflate the New England Patriots footballs? That is an absolute travesty; who in their right mind would have the audacity to deflate a bunch of footballs? This is not cheating, it's called having a lot of time on your hands.

If they did deflate them it's because management wanted their players to feel better about themselves that's all. Is caring about your team by deflating their footballs in order to produce a better grip and improve their chances of winning cheating? Eh sort of.

But that's okay because management and the coaching staff love their players, and it was all in their best interest I swear. Anyway it is true that cheaters never win (unless they don't get caught) because cheaters will almost always get caught.

That's right the evil cheating character in my conscience; you will be caught! He doesn't know it yet, but I called the good police in my conscience to stop him. If you're still lost then it's okay so am I.


If You Cheat, You'll Get Beat

Do you hear that you filthy cheaters!? If you cheat, you'll get beat. I don't mean physically, I mean the good forces will defeat you even though they have to cheat to do so.

Now I'm going to get down to business and tell you how to stop cheating. The first step is to not cheat. The second step is to stop cheating. The third stop is to pretend you listened to the first two steps and nod your head. Did you get all of that?

I always follow these steps because I consider myself to be an honest person who would never ever cheat. I believe in something called karma and integrity, and they are essential to combating the evils in our mind.

I hope everyone has some integrity otherwise it'll be impossible to follow my guidelines. In the next paragraph I will explain in further detail my steps to combat cheating.


How to Stop Cheating: Step 1

Here we go the first "real" step to stop cheating. Okay do you ever get the urge to look at a much more superior written source and maybe dabble in a little bit of copy and paste that you justify by calling it paraphrasing?

I'm sure we've all been guilty of that at least one time or another, but that's okay. Hopefully you're still with us rather than federal prison and if you are, then I'm sure you'll take this advice to heart.

Don't paraphrase someone's work! This is the real first step and it's something I'll live by forever and ever. If you want to borrow someone's material then please use citations.

I've been in school for nearly two decades now, and my professors have been hammering the words "sources" and "citations" until I literally couldn't take it anymore.

I still can't take it but now I understand where they were coming from. I wouldn't want another author to use my amazing and fantastically mediocre piece as one of their own now would I?

Exactly, so I beg of you all to hear me out and not copy and paste without citations and proper source formatting.


How to Stop Cheating: Step 2

The next real step is to admit that your work will never be as good as anybody else's.

Oh wait no that's not it because that wouldn't make sense. Why on Earth would you admit your material isn't good enough that's unheard of.

Your material is the best written or crafted piece in the entire universe and nobody in this world or interstellar space will be able to craft anything remotely similar to yours.

That post above was completely from the heart and totally non-sarcastic. Oh and if others call you pretentious because you think your content is the best ever then you can tell them that they will never be able to touch your magical talent.

They are just jealous, so what if their content has won a Pulitzer prize; that's okay. Hey in your eyes the content you've created has cured the world of cancer so take that Ernest Hemingway and your praiseworthy content.

I've completely lost the point I was trying to make, but I'll make one up anyway. So the real second step is to learn and study everything to make yourself better.

When you're knowledgeable and know more, then you'll create your own masterpiece and have everyone be envious of your talent.

You can laugh in people's faces for all those times they told you you'll never amount to anything. Look who's laughing now right even though you still haven't received any recognition.

Oh well at least in your mind your newly written piece has become a spectacle that will unite countries together.

The hyperbole can not be understated in the last paragraph, but you have to exaggerate everything you do otherwise people will say huh. Yea huh is right so far.


Final Step: The Cure to Cheating Is Believing

Go towards a mirror, look at it, and admire yourself. You are above the liars and cheaters of the world and even though people may not care at least you will.

The last step is reflection (get it, mirror; reflect Ha ha). If you haven't learned anything from this article yet, which you probably haven't, at least learn to reflect on yourself.

I don't mean literally, I mean metaphorically you must look into that mirror and say "I am great, I am the best, and I will never cheat again in my life!". When you say that the inner you will get the message and take a nap. Congratulations you've put yourself to sleep metaphorically.

In conclusion, I hope everyone understands that it's not okay to be unoriginal and that it's better to fail with integrity then win with immorality.

This is the message I really want to get across and don't worry one day you'll succeed and people will recognize the talent you have. Good luck everyone and take care!

Your Thoughts!

Why do people cheat?

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    • Chriswillman90 profile imageAUTHOR

      Krzysztof Willman 

      6 years ago from Parlin, New Jersey

      Excellent piece of information on the subject. I don't think many people realize just how far he went, and how he disregarded his own miracle.

      The things people will do just to feel immortal in the public eye. I'll also be sure to check out your articles over the next few days, your insight is outstanding.

    • fpherj48 profile image


      6 years ago from Carson City

      This documentary states specifically & emphatically that because he was so young and in absolute tip-top physical health~~his Cancer was an immediate repercussion of the powerful & toxic injections he had been taking. Most especially because he quickly developed this cancer originally of the testicles, where of course, the high concentration of the hormone would collect. It was medically deduced that it metastisized at an accelerated speed due to this hormone throughout his bloodstream. Aside from the aggressive treatment of chemo & radiation, his young otherwise healthy body beat this cancer, beating all odds, because the hormones were flushed from his system while in treatment.

      Yet...and here's the insane part. When he chose to get back in the race, he didn't think twice about taking the injections again. This speaks volumns of his priority to simply be King and have the public worship & adore him. An authentic God syndrome!

    • Chriswillman90 profile imageAUTHOR

      Krzysztof Willman 

      6 years ago from Parlin, New Jersey

      Thank you very much. I was beyond disgusted when I heard about Lance. It wasn't just about using but the people he hurt and threatened to remain pure in the public eye. Cheating is one thing but threatening others is ridiculous. He was a cancer survivor, he should've had more appreciation for lives of others. Instead he didn't care and lived a life that has never worth celebrating. Great mention of the documentary it's worth a look.

    • fpherj48 profile image


      6 years ago from Carson City

      Chris.....Your first photo (Lance) got me to thinking about the Documentary on his career/scandal/rise to fame/downfall. I highly recommend it to anyone who may have sided with Lance, felt sorry for him, but especially to individuals who continue to remain in denial.

      I freely admit this documentary knocked me for a loop. Until watching it, I don't believe I had a seriously firm grasp on the worst of it.

      Simply amazing....incredible, but true as can be. That entire fiasco went way beyond "cheating." I was actually sorry I had watched it for a few days afterward because it hurts when my rose-colored glasses are ripped off my face and smashed to smithereens right under my nose. I literally felt sick with disillusionment......LOL "illusion"...good choice of words, I guess.

      Enjoyed reading this, Chris. You're a nice asset to this Community. Voted UP ++++.Peace, Paula

    • tsadjatko profile image

      The Logician 

      6 years ago from now on

      Cheating, how to stop? Sounds like just a lot of bloviating to me.

      There is only one way to stop cheating and that is to die to self. To make your focus your perfect and holy creator and not yourself, to live to please Him and fulfill His plan for your life.

      Cheating is the result of sin, your sin nature, the proclivity to sin (to cheat) is inborn in every man and woman. Even knowing Jesus and accepting that he, being perfect can and has paid the price for your sin may not stop you from sinning, from cheating, but you'll know having made him the Lord of your life that if you do cheat and repent he will be gracious to forgive you.

      Can a man or woman keep the ten commandments? No, it is not possible and of course God knew it when he gave them to Moses. The Ten Commandments were never given as a set of guidelines to live by. They were given to show us our utter failure in the eyes of God. The Ten Commandments then, by virtue of the fact that they expose our sins to our minds, lead us to hope in someone other than ourselves for our salvation. That someone is Jesus, the savior of all mankind.

      I know someone is going to think (or say if I didn't bring it up) I despise cheating, I would never cheat. Really? So do I, my sentiments exactly but, I have cheated, everyone of you reading this has cheated in one way or another, at one time or another and most likely will again before your time here on earth is up.

      Did you pay the state sales tax on the items you bought online? - If not you cheated.

      Did you report all your income to the feds? - If not you cheated.

      Did you tell your spouse the real reason you did something - If not you cheated.

      Did you remain quiet when anything happened that was undeservedly to your benefit (a wrong discount on your groceries, got back more change than you should) - If you did you cheated.

      You can keep these scenarios going forever, just think about it.

      So you see we as a people we cannot stop cheating and will not because our self righteousness demands that if we can benefit by getting away with cheating, by golly it's OK. So if you really want to be able to stop cheating you need a savior.

    • Dip Mtra profile image

      Dip Mtra 

      6 years ago from World Citizen

      Great hub Chris. Voted up. Shall follow your hubs.


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