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How to Rectify a Divided Personality

Updated on July 2, 2014

"How to Rectify a Divided Personality" is a poem I wrote based on a sermon by Rev. Joseph Henry Cortese, Pastor of Crossroads Tabernacle, with scripture references found in Matthew 6 and 7. I provide biblical guidance for people who may experience internal conflict, resulting in behavior that is out of alignment with their intended goals, purpose, character or lifestyle. If you or somenone you know struggles with double-mindeness, read and apply the suggestions offered in the following poem:

Split Personality II
Split Personality II | Source

(Matthew 67)

Do you suffer from a divided personality?
Are you living a dual life?

Release the drama and unforgiveness,
desire freedom and oneness
of heart in Christ.

Are your good deeds done to be seen by people? Do you fast with a sad face?

Keep your actions unknown to others,
for God will reward you openly from that secret place.

Are you trying to serve two masters?
Seeking and storing up treasures here on earth?

Be loyal to God and store up heavenly riches; outside of Christ,
this life has no worth.

Do not worry or be judgmental,
remove the log from your own eye.

Seek God's kingdom and be forgiving, trust God to be the source of your unlimited supply.

Immerse yourself in God's holy presence to experience order and
rescue from life's swirling undertow.

Eat God's word and pray for understanding,
become undivided by growing in what you know.

You must forgive to be forgiven;
it's not an option, it’s in God's word.

You must cultivate LOVE for yourself and others;
you must be accountable doers of what you've heard.

Be blessed,

Jo Anne Meekins
Inspired 4 U Blog


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