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How To Start Blogging Business

Updated on April 9, 2013

What is blogging? A blog is a type of website where you can maintain to by writing regular entries on topics of your choice. There are plenty of blogging sites where one can access and sign up for free. To name a few, there is and which are two major blogging sites.

Some of us write blog (or even blogs) as a hobby while others such as myself, uses it as a method to earn side income. However, there are also bloggers who actually lives solely on blog revenue only. I have seen people earning 3-figure pays just by blogging and am I absolutely sure it is even possible for 4-figues paycheck monthly!

I am an online writer and I write for money. I love writing but I enjoy the side income I earn from it. I currently writing a few blogs and I am glad to share my experience with you!

Blogging is an upcoming trend nowadays.
Blogging is an upcoming trend nowadays.

Finding your writer's voice within

Content is the world for blogging business. The quality of the content will determine how famous and success of that blog. Most writers love to write everything in general in their blog. I strictly go against that. You can still do that but I suggest you not!

From my personal experience, blogs which are general and broad are not being able to stand out among the ‘crowd’ when it comes to being picked by search engines. The reason is simply because there are too many tags and keywords for those different topics you write!

At the same time, if you are able to find your niche, put it into blog right now! Simply by writing one specific topic, you will create ‘chance’ for the readers to continue reading your other posts. This is great to keep the traffic and at the same time, get the readers to come back for more.

Content Is Everything

Need me to say more?
Need me to say more?

Now let us move on to blog content. Content plays a huge role in the success of a blog. Readers around the world love to read articles that are pure and genuine. Make sure you get your content right and make it as detailed as possible.

I always consider content as the heart of an article. Without good content, there is a high chance readers will not come for more. Do a little research before hand and make sure the contents are up to date and correct. Never under estimate how much content quality can do to your blog!

Get yourself found by search engines
Get yourself found by search engines

The Importance of Titles and Keywords

Choosing name, keywords and tags are vital too in blogging. Always use narrowed tags and titles such as ‘best way to prepare chicken’ instead of ‘preparing chicken’. Make sure they are attractive and able to attract readers to click on it. It could be a very tough job In the beginning but thanks to Google, it has the Google Keyword Tool which allows you to see which is the high demand tags you can use.

Again, using interesting tags and titles can easily generate steady traffic flow into your blogs and articles. At the same time, avoid using too many tags in your article. A good number will be between 10 to 15 tags.

The Art of Marketing

Finally, to become a blogger, you got to be patience. Expect very less traffic for the first few months but make sure you keep the content flowing in. Slowly, market your blog in forums and even use backlinks on other website to drive the traffic back to your blog.

Blogging business takes time and effort. Don’t expect to be a millionaire within one month. Even though you will gain 100% ads revenue from your own blog, it is always hard to market them. Slowly promote and backlink whenever possible to ensure a nice flow of traffic.

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  • SEXYLADYDEE profile image

    SEXYLADYDEE 4 years ago from Upstate NY

    Good hub. I've been sitting on the sidelines even though I know I need to start blogging to help get the word out about my new business. Back links SEO's and other terms make sense but aren't easy to figure out. Thanks for giving me a push that I needed to start. Dee @

  • Ruby H Rose profile image

    Maree Michael Martin 5 years ago from Northwest Washington on an Island

    The ideas just keep growing and growing. Just keep writing, you bet. It is true, get to blogging or on other sites, that is where it counts. Great hubs, thank you.