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How To Write Great Blog Posts That Engage Readers by Steve Scott

Updated on February 12, 2013
5 stars for How To Write Great Blog Posts That Engage Readers

Great eBook to learn specific terms for blogging and actually I also feel great for article content writing also (example: hubpages).

I giggled when he states "most people read blogs for selfish reasons." In other words what content are you providing that the reader wants and/or needs? It is not about writing your heart out, a journal, it is about what is in it for the reader. We do make friends and network as bloggers and article content writers but the real core of our readership in order to be successful is an article/blog in which random readers search and need answers. We can not depend on our friends and network writers/bloggers to fulfill our dreams of being a successful blogger/article content writer. Our friends can only carry us so far, it is reality.

In order to help us fill this void - Steve defines 19 types of blog posts that stand out which in the past have helped in succeed and make his blogs stand out. These 19 types of blog post actually work great for article content writing. I was very excited to read these over. It is amazing how we know stuff and until we read it, for whatever reason, it helps us organize it and realize yes, it really is not that hard.

He divides also the blog posts into two categories.

1. MVP's : massive value posts.

2. FP's : filler posts.

I have been studying blogging/article content writing and have had these terms thrown at me several times. The author takes the time to define and explain each in detail. They seem simple enough to realize what the difference is between the two but it is nice to know you have an eBook which gives further explanations and does not write with the assumption that we know what all the acronyms are.

Do you depend on your friends, family, and network writers for you views?

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Steve has a natural way of breaking things down, spelling it out, helping one get organized and suggests making a schedule for yourself to write.

I loved his 19 topics/ideas and feel they make a great list for when we have one of those "I don't know what to write about days". I have personally already made a page with each topic and put them in a binder and started putting future writing ideas under each topic. I know all I do is book reviews here but I do write about other topics in other little corners of the web. I am excited about how easy it is to add these ideas to these list as they come for future use and inspiration.

The list is a great list and it is taking every bit of self control not to list it here. I just do not think listing it here would be ethically correct for the author. I was able to snag the eBook for free through Amazon. If anyone has studied the KDP (Kindle Program) for writers; sometimes writers participate in a special program where they give their eBooks for free for a period of time. I do believe just for the breakdown of topics/ideas which have greatly helped me get organize and well worth purchasing it out right.

The author also gives great suggestions on how to network with other writers in your niche, which are actually informative.

Blogging (just like article content writing) can benefit if you actually schedule yourself and commit yourself to an allotted time, stick to it, and write. I am aware we all have read something a long those lines many times over and over and yes the author repeated. I also slipped it in a little bit earlier up above in a small line to not seem so harsh right now, I hope it worked. My personal thought on this is also, one of the greatest mistakes as writers that we make is we do not allocate time for us to write. I am aware sometimes it is beyond our control, but just a tip, if you have not written a blog or hub today and you are watching tv, turn the tv off and write.
It does not matter if you are writing a bog, a hub, a future printed book, a future printed eBook, etc, if you do not take the time to write it; it will not happen.

If you have read autobiographies of writers from our past generations, a lot of them have been called hermits, recluses, loners, etc. It takes time to write. We have technology on our side and a great helper. Can you imagine writing a 200,000 word book and not having spell check? Or writing 2 or 3 complete drafts and editing each time? We live in a beautiful age, I wonder how many more books would Jane Austen write if she lived in our age and had the same dedication to writing today as she did back then? William Shakespeare? It blows my mind away. We have tools at our fingertips that were once not available. Let's take advantage of them.

I found his advice on how to set up or organize the elements on a blog extremely useful. What Steve calls elements is what hubpages calls capsules. I am going to be revamping my hubpages in the next couple of weeks to align myself with his suggestions and see if anything changes. I have been lucky enough to see my random views go up as I keep reading eBook after eBook and making changes as I find useful information.

The author recommends to use the free tool called Google Analytics and guides you how to interpret the data to assist you in determining what is working and what is not. I have actually another opinion on this from another eBook and will be making a hub soon. I personally use another service which is free and not related to Google in anyway.

This book is full of even more useful information which I have not covered, he discusses the reasoning of linking to other writers. He goes over how we need to define what is our "Most Wanted Response" from our readers also known as MWR. He goes over why this is important.

I was lucky enough to also download his book "My Blog Traffic Sucks! 8 Simple Steps To Get 100,000 Blog Visitors Without Working 8 Days A Week." I look forward to reading and also writing a review in the future. He has at least one more which I will be attempting to snag during free promotions so wish me luck.


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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 3 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      A wonderful approach to blogging and it can be fun.

    • AudreyHowitt profile image

      Audrey Howitt 4 years ago from California

      The whole blogging world is so interesting. This sounds like a very informative book--Thank you!

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 4 years ago from Wales

      Interesting and useful.

      Thank you so much for sharing and enjoy your day..


    • CarNoobz profile image

      CarNoobz 4 years ago from USA

      Sounds like an interesting book. I think networking with other bloggers in your niche is really a great way to get established, but I'm sure some niches are so competitive that nobody wants to link to anybody else lol