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How much I want to be a writer

Updated on September 5, 2014

Why I write

Why a writer?

I have been writing for more than ten years. Why do I do it, money, fame, see your name in print, probability all of these. I am not getting rich, or I haven't become famous and yes, my name is in print, but you would have to look hard to find it. So Why! If you ask a ball play or a golfer, why they do what they do, I bet you would get a few different reasons, but it come down to; they like it.

What do you have to do to be a writer. Do you need a degree in journalism; for some jobs Yes. If I write a book, there is no need for a journalism degree. If I write for companies doing ad, email, sales letters and a lot of other things do I require a degree- NO.

Do you know some writers make a six figure income and have no degree. There is money to be made writing. What if its not the money you are after. Some writers want to help other people , to solve their problems. Some writer's can get there ideas across better in print then they can talking about it. I am not a public speaker, but I can get my point, on how to do something in print. Something nice about print is you can away come back to it, and refresh your mind, try that with public speaking.


As I said you can make big money writing, but how? Start small; write for your friends that are in business then take on bigger companies. Writer other peoples blog. You can always find a small job on the internet, they may not pay big bucks, but each job you complete adds to your portfolio,something the bigger companies are going to what to look at before they hire you.


We can all write, but can we put together a sale letter, a email campain, or build a landing page.This is where training come in to play,they will teach you each step it takes to write a sales page, a blog or a landing page. You can learn this. Get on the internet and look up writing careers, writing for magizines, writing for business. You will find companies that will teach you how to do all of this, may not be cheap, but its out there.


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    • Mira Fang profile image

      Mira Fang 3 years ago from Canada

      Mr. Cole,

      First off, welcome to Hubpages. I am also a new Hubber here. Thank you for sharing your first piece. I agree that money is not the only motivator for writing. When I finally stopped being concerned about potential earnings, I started to enjoy writing again. This is not to say that I don't hope to make an income from my craft one day; I just don't fret about it anymore.

      Looking forward to seeing what you have to share in the future!

      Best Regards,

      Mira Fang