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How not to hurt others all the time.

Updated on February 19, 2013
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

How many times we say this ?.


Oh my God.

How many times you say Oh my God in a day or with in a couple of day's on account of your speech, actions and facial expression including a single micro movement of eyes.I was saying so many things with out even blinking an eye lid to many. which has brought me no good reputation nor a ugly reputation. However it has taught me many lessons from many people in the lowest and highest place.One person who said to me went like this 'god has given you a set of jaws to control your tongue'. try to use it he said.How many of us use the tool given by god in our daily interactions with in our family and among friends.I heard some body calling some one stupid and do you know what the other guy said.I will tell you what he said later but now you tell me what you will say if somebody called you stupid.There is no hurry you can think of the reply and write in the comment if your answer is correct I will give you a gift.Most of us do not think that for any question there is no time limit.The answer must be given right after what is said to you.There was a friend of mine who did not give his telephone number to any one including his wife.When I rang him up the other day he was not at home his wife whom I knew was on the line and I asked her where he had gone she said he has gone down stairs I asked her where, she said down stairs I asked her again where down stairs she again said down stairs. I just got mad and hang up.There was no cell phone those days.Even during those cell phone-less days you could say can't hear if you don't want to hear. or don't want to reply.Another friend of mine was very clever he was doing it the other way he never lifted his phone but would ask his wife to take the call as she could ask who was calling and could repeat his name loud so that her husband could listen and take the call or hand signal her to tell he he was out of the house.

We all do mistakes knowingly or unknowingly but that mistake could be avoided if only we delay the answer or take time to answer.My friend runs a Ice Cream Factory and his son looks after the manufacture and marketing.He has all the powers to refuse any discount any sale but say's I have to ask my owner to give you a discount.I asked him why are you delaying a sale you could lose the sale.He said losing a sale and losing a customer he knew well but the losing profit and making a loss was good business and his father anyway knew the customer and that customer who wanted the discount was a regular customer and he would wait for him to consult the owner.I told him you are the owner's son don't you have the power.He said it was business technique that his father had taught to delay any dealings in finance be it profit or loss it would help in the long run.

My daughter never gives anyone a chance to say something unpleasant to anyone as she keeps laughing all the time talking to friends or strangers.Even if gets angry she replies in such a way that you will take every thing as a joke.My wife on the other hand will give a standard reply I do not know. When a new security guard wanted to know how much pension I was drawing he asked my wife and she replied I don't know to which he said how is it you do not know your husbands pension,she simply said that govt keeps increasing the pension so many times that I am fed up with asking him that question.My son on the other hand answers any question with a question.If some body asks him his salary he will ask which month's salary you want. If they say don't you get the same salary each month and he will say that depends as it is not on the same lines as others.What does that mean if they say, he will ask them please tell me your problem.

I have heard many people answer a question beginning with the word NO and than telling their version of the question.If you ask a question do you go daily to the market they will reply No I go only in the evenings.You all know the joke that when a interview group was selecting one person for the post of an account they asked only one question to the 3 candidates who had come for the interview and that was how much is 2 + 2 and 2 candidates said 4 while the 3rd candidate asked them how much they to be.The 3rd candidate was selected.

I had an engineer who worked under me on whom I never got angry because for anything I said or asked he would start telling me,sir please,sir please twice and than tell me he wanted to do exactly what I said or asked but was afraid that I would not go his way and sanction his request.That word he said every time sir please,sir please never made me angry if any thing he did or did not do. One other guy always would say Yes Sir to what ever I said.


Meditation helps you to not hurt any one.Talk Slowly,Sweetly and Smilingly.



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    • skgrao profile image

      S K G Rao. 6 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA.

      Thank You for your comment.

    • katyzzz profile image

      katyzzz 6 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Good advice, which I could do with myself


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