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Choosing Travel Insurance Policy for your Child

Updated on May 11, 2016

How to Choose Children Travel Insurance Policy?

Choosing Children Travel Insurance Policy

Are you looking for insurance cover plan for your children? Don’t worry there are number of options available for it. The choice of insurance you make completely depends on how they will travel, if they are accompanying you in a holiday then family travel policy will provide right cover. If your children are travelling alone/ through school then you have to assure that right kind of travel insurance is done so that they do not face any problem. There are some family travel insurance cover policies that insure your children for free, while there are few policies that give the relaxation that children can even travel separately. This cover entirely depends upon the insurance plan so you need to check it rather than assuming. It is important to get a policy that ensures complete safety and security of your child while on a holiday.

It will keep your child protected and relieve you from all tensions such as medical ailment, luggage loss or theft and the air ticket cancellation while they are away. It is the question of your child’s wellbeing so never compromise on the insurance plan.

Children Insurance Cover options Available in the Market

Kids up to eighteen years of age can be covered in children travel insurance, it is important to note that a child should be covered for all the risks, whether travelling with the family or friends. It is the duty of parents to insure the children even if they are travelling through school. For instance, if you go for skiing activity with family, then a family insurance that includes cover for winter sports will be sufficient, but if your child is travelling alone it is unusual for the family policy to cover him.

Go for the High Medical Cover Travel Policy: Be realistic while selecting cover for your little one. Think what kind of activities your child will be involved in and if they will be covered in the travel policy or not. Never compromise on it, do proper research and go for the best policy, paying extra premium is better than spending huge amount of money later.

Read the Terms and Conditions Carefully

No matter, which insurance policy are you looking for, it is important to read the terms and conditions. It will be helpful for you to determine what all things are covered and excluded. The value of a policy lies in the ability to claim against it, so if you are buying a policy that fails to offer the cover that is needed means the entire amount is being wasted. Always check and compare the policies because then you will not have to face surprises when the question of claim arises. Else consult a friend or relative who has travelled earlier to take some advice.

Children Travel Insurance Plans differ from Other Insurance Plans

Finding children travel insurance policies can be different from adult travel policies. Depending upon the policy that is being taken, insurance companies provide cover for loss, damage or theft of belongings and money. There are single and multi-trip insurance cover plans available for your kids. If your child is going to travel alone just once or twice in a year then single policy will be good. If there is a possibility that your child will travel more than twice then opting for annual multi-trip policy will be right. Children are very active, especially during holidays so you will be happy to know that some child insurance policies cover sports activities too. As you make your way towards the booking process you will find numerous options to be added to the insurance plan. These options are the plus points for the children sports insurance plans as they can save a lot in case your child gets hurt. If your child is going on a school trip for ski activities you would want to add winter sports cover to the insurance policy. If you child has a disability or any other pre-existing medical condition, it can also be helped as some insurance plans provide specialist holiday cover for children with disability.

Guidelines for Children Travelling Alone

There are certain rules and regulations that must be followed when children travel without parents. There are different sets of law that have to be adhered to when it comes to the safety of unaccompanied minors. Airlines have to follow these rules if your children have to travel alone. Check the specifications of airline services being used to get proper information, your child must at least five years old for an airline to consider allowing them to travel alone. Different airlines provide services for children between five to fifteen years of age; you must check the rules of the country to which your child is travelling as travel policies differ for each country. You child also needs separate passport, make sure all relevant documents are filled in and your child has necessary papers that might be required while travelling. Guide your child about the documents so that no confusion is created when he is asked to show them. Checking up with all this is really going to help in simplifying the travel process.

Medical costs, cover for cancellation fees and luggage, flight cancellation are important benefits of children travel insurance policy, but the list does not end here. The good news is that these policies are not that expensive as people think, cost has always been a big barrier in case of children travel insurance but now the scenario is not the same, devote time to research for the best travel policy. Make sure to compare quotes, but never do the mistake of opting for the cheapest one as this is the question of your child’s safety. Always do research and select the plan that assures safety of your child. Take child travel insurance cover seriously and opt for the best one as th

Children Travel Insurance

Children Travel Insurance
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