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How to Write Articles Without Getting Burnt Out

Updated on April 16, 2013

Don't Get Burnt Out!


Bad Articles, Meet Trash Can

Bad articles get thrown in the garbage.
Bad articles get thrown in the garbage. | Source

Now That's a Buck


Advice on How to Get the Big Bucks

Having trouble coming up with content?

My best advice is not to force it. Don't write junk about nonsense. If you do, you will risk gaining a reputation that you are a "junk" writer.

Do you know where all of your article will wind up?

You guessed it: At the bottom of a trash can.

No one is an "article factory." If you try to pump out a bunch of bad articles, you will be responsible for the bad writing that is found all over the internet. Don't do it. It will haunt you.

Writing Advice: Read the news. Find things that interest you. Write about topics that people want to read about. Don't just write for the sake of making a buck.

Advice from a Hunter: The bucks won't come unless you have the high-quality stuff. You will just end up with a lot of doe. Hunters don't want just a little doe. They want big bucks. Be a like a hunter and write stuff that will attract the big bucks.

Hunting & Writing Advice: You have to be patient and have a hard work ethic if you want to witness the big bucks.

A Typewriter is the Past


This is the Future of the Internet?

Most online writers today have never seen or have even used a typewriter.

If you ask the generation before us, they grew up on them.

One thing that we could learn from the older generation is that quality counts.

Look at the typewriter (on the right). It is big and cumbersome. If you make a mistake, you have to mash the mistake button. The indentation on the paper is already there. Some can tell where you had an erroneous keystroke. The point don't want to make a lot of mistakes.

If you look at it closely, you may absorb this sense of importance. If someone pulls up to a typewriter, they mean business. They are a serious writer. There is nobody that just happened to fall into writing back in the good ole days. But nowadays, everybody and their momma is a writer and blogger.

The things hammered out on a typewriter come from an age where people wrote high-quality things.

Nowadays, anybody with a computer can write about literally anything, and post it online. A lot of garbage gets posted. Don't be a garbage writer. Write about something you are passionate about and you can add quality content to.

Now that we have identified what the past generation did to come up with content, let's find out what people of the future do.

A Slinky Head from the Future


Writing Advice from a Time Traveler

The best advice ever given came from a man from the future.

This time traveler said to write about topics that interest me -- the writer.

He also shared to write articles on evergreen topics that stay relevant over the test of time.

As ridiculous as it sounds, the people of the future wrap slinkies around their head like a scarf to get over writer's block. (See picture to the right)

I certainly don't recommend this. What a poor fashion choice.

Maybe the future is not so bright after all...

Don't be a Slinky-head!

Write about topics that you are passionate about and can come up with a lot of quality content.

Quality Content is Very Important

Wallet With Cash


Are You Just in it for Quick Cash?

If you write solely for quick cash, then perhaps you need to take up another profession. Writing - for the most part - will not get you quick cash, unless you have an agreement with someone to get paid up front.

If you write for a "paid per view" site, then you will be longing for a paycheck. Some people wait for a long time. Others know a thing or two about SEO and social media, and get thousands of page views with the post of a link.

If you are a quality writer, you will gain followers, and they will re-post your content. This is the advantage about writing about things in which you have a knowledge base.

Don't just write nonsensical rubbish. Write articles that people want to read. Write articles that people want to share all over the internet.

To sum it all up: Most freelance writers do not just write to make quick cash. It is a building process. After you have built your online writing portfolio, then your earnings will snowball. Until then, you must work hard to even see your first payout.

Two Takeaways for Freelance Article Writers:

  1. Write about what you are passionate about.
  2. Write quality content.


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    • cygnetbrown profile image

      Cygnet Brown 4 years ago from Springfield, Missouri

      I was always amazed at the people who say they could pump out several articles in a couple of hours. That is, until I read what many of them write.

      I'm currently in college, and have learned to write about things that I am not passionate about. I have to also have to agree that writing what I am passionate about is much more enjoyable than writing something that isn't my passion.

    • zeke2100 profile image

      zeke2100 4 years ago

      Very insightful, bydojo. I agree that the WordPress scheduler is handy. Blogger also has a scheduling feature. I really appreciate you reading and commenting.

    • bydojo profile image

      Ramona Jar 4 years ago from Romania

      One thing I find to help a lot: keep drafts and a writing schedule. For my main blog for instance, I have various niches I write about: freelancing, traveling, music, life etc. Instead of posting 5 consecutive articles about traveling for instance, I post one every 3-4 days. I schedule them (when I'm being inspired and have ideas, I write more articles) and then they appear in the exact day I wish they appear. This wordpress feature is really cool.

      Writing about what you're passionate does help tremendously, since you won't force yourself to write. And never forget to take a rest, when you don't feel like writing. With scheduling you can just whip out 5 articles a day (when the muses are cooperative) and take 2 days off writing, if you can't find the inspiration.

    • zeke2100 profile image

      zeke2100 4 years ago

      Sugah and Kris,

      Thank you both for reading and commenting. I am glad that you found the humor in this Hub along with the real life advice. Stay with it and you will learn more with time and experience.

    • Kris Bell profile image

      Kristen Bell 4 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      Hello there! This hub is simple and right to the point with a dash of humor thrown in. You sound as though you speak from experience, which emphasizes the number one point in your summary: Be passionate about your work. As a still wet-behind-the-ears writer on this site, I appreciate this hub. Thanks for sharing :)

    • Sugahware profile image

      Robyn D Bera 4 years ago from California

      Loved your insightful and humorous hub. I'm new to hubpages (and quickly becoming an addict), but I'm already learning that you have to weed through a lot of garbage to find high quality hubs such as this. I wish your slinky head time traveler would visit more of the garbage writers! You have a new follower. Thanks for sharing!