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How to be an online ghostwriter?

Updated on September 5, 2012

Why should you start online ghostwriting?

Online ghostwriting is writing for money or favor without attaching your name to it. Today most of home based writers who write on web on there own for there own website or blog don't make enough money from it. Well known publishers are not interested in publishing there work with there copyright as they don't find it financially attractive option for there business.

Ghost writing is a right type of opportunity for new writers who are just starting there career. It is easy to get published as a ghost writer. Some ghost writers often make more money then established writers.

Ghostwriting for money

Famous Ghostwriters

There are many famous ghost writers, who used to write for someone else. Rich people often hire ghost writers to write there biographies or books.

Ghost writers have made huge money from ghost writing which is otherwise impossible for an ordinary freelance writer.

Work of a ghost writer is based on inputs from others. Most of the high paying ghost writing work is done for celebrity, who either don't have time or skill to write.

Online Income from Ghost Writing

Internet is filled with Ghost Written Contents

Most of the website on internet are Ghost Written due to privacy concerns or otherwise. Contents on internet are not always written by experts but by ordinary writers who have good knowledge of the subject. People do this to generate an additional source of income, most people who publish there work as ghost writer are actually doing this as a part time job.

Anyone can easily generate online income as ghost writer by writing few articles every week. Even if they are far from being professional, they can help a person to develop this skill. Articles published online can provide number of inputs on how to improve. Stats generated on server of every website contains crucial data which can be used to find this. Like how people reach here, how long are they staying, what are they doing after visiting this page. Pages with a high degree of bounces mean that they need immediate attention.

One can start Ghost Writing with a pseudoname at a number of places online including hubpages. Hubpages is free to join and can be used to make money. Join hubpages. One can earn good money if he/she continues to work with insightful hubs, although making money is a slow process and takes time before one can really feel that its working. Most hubs too have pseudonames i.e. they are ghost written.

Be A Online Ghost Writer

How to Be A Online Ghost Writer
How to Be A Online Ghost Writer

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