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How to become a freelance SEO writer

Updated on June 23, 2011
Tools help to make a freelance SEO expert
Tools help to make a freelance SEO expert

Unless you are writing for yourself, just to kill time and expecting nobody to read your work, you will not only have to become a freelancer, but also learn how to become a freelance SEO writer. Because, after all, a freelancer is a gun for hire and writes primarily for the passion of it and secondarily to make money.

The freelance SEO expert

Now while writing online can make you a writer, if there is no audience, despite your wanting them to come and ‘ooh-aah ’ over your recent work, then it will be like that proverbial tree falling in the forest. You will need to be a freelance SEO expert as well as a good writer.

There is no quickie formula to becoming a freelance SEO expert. It will take time, energy and a lot of patience. SEO writing is more of a trial and error thing. What works for one – making him almost instant riches, might not work for another. There are no set rules.

But, what are almost assured are freelance SEO optimizer tools than can help in making it an easier voyage. Learning to use these tools will help in making whatever work you have written shoot up in the search engines’ favorite list. And if you do it professionally you might even get it to show on ‘page 1’ of the search results.

Some SEO optimizer tools

So what are examples of the best SEO optimizer tools and how do they help? Below are three very valuable ones, if you take the time to learn to use them, they will bring you lots of joy and are almost all the answers you need to the question ‘How to become a freelance SEO writer?’

  1. SEO Blogger – Although originally designed for bloggers that write on Wordpress, this keyword research and analysis tool works with almost any other website. SEO is a Firefox add on that allows the freelance SEO ‘expert’ to choose keywords, compare them with what others are looking for and to use them in their blog posts or articles.
  2. Keyword Mixer – This is a website that is simply amazing. And if any writer takes his work seriously he will have to make use of this site. Basically, what the site does is let you paste in the keywords in one column, and then other keywords or partial sentences in the other and at the click of a button, it comes up with a list of perfect long tail keywords that are a combination of these given keywords. If it doesn’t make you a freelance SEO expert, then it will definitely give you more ideas to write on and make you an expert article writer.
  3. Google Adwords Keywords Tool – Last and definitely not least we have a very popular and powerful SEO optimizer tool that almost anyone that is anybody in the freelance article writing world has at one time or another made use of. This is a tool that can help in making the written articles as targeted as possible with regards to the demands and expectation of the audiences being served. If you learn to use this tool efficiently it will enable your site to receive not only a high flow of traffic, but also a high flow of relevant traffic. This is the sort of traffic that comes and actually accepts whatever services you may be providing as compared to people just coming to your site being driven by the keywords optimized titles and content.

The freelance SEO expert

There is no ‘winning formula’ when it comes to content writing. You will just have to learn how to write articles that people want to read. The trick lies in finding out exactly what people want to read, and that is where the aid of SEO optimizer tools comes in. Learn to work on these tools and you will finally figure out how to become a freelance SEO writer.


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