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How to make Money as a Student in United States of America USA

Updated on October 27, 2019
Uzochukwu Mike profile image

He is a writer on youths, challenges, engineering, computer and insurance. He is certified by Young African Leaders Initiative on Workforce.

Payoneer card which is used to withdraw money from ATM machine. It is master card used by many who engage in internet business.
Payoneer card which is used to withdraw money from ATM machine. It is master card used by many who engage in internet business.


This article is made for students schooling in the United States of America. It is a pure guide on how to make money as student of the state.

Money is included as part of learning arsenal needed by both students in the United States and the world at large.Are you a student in USA and wants to make money while still a student? Being a student is an advantage and offers many upper hands which others do not have because of illiteracy. When you mention that that you are an undergraduate to some who are uneducated, it makes them to see you as a king or queen. The reason is because they might have tried during their own time but did not make it because being student in tertiary institution in United States demands certain things which you must provide before you are recognized in any of the institution in US. One of the things required of you to belong is money.

The truth is that many have dropped out of the tertiary institutions in United States of America because of the cost of completing their education in that part of the world. It is indeed painful to start and dropout on the way without completing what one stated sometime ago.

In this article, I will teach you how to make money as a student in the one of the most recognized country of the world and still stand your ground as a good student. Yes you will be a student and still do few works that will add to your account to keep going as a student without quieting because of financial problem.

The Way Forward: How to Make Money as US student

There are a lot of ways through which any student that study either as college or university student in United States can make money without being academically affected negatively. These tips are given and discussed in the subsequent lines:

Article Writing: Many wise students who discovered on time have made their ways through writing of articles and getting paid in return. You as a reader of this piece may ask how possible is this? Honestly, this piece you are reading right now is an article and it is earning money to me. It is not a must that you should work under any publication company in US before you are identified as a writer and earn money through that. You can start on your own as I write in this website on my own and get paid by advertisers.

But I am not in writing related department, how can I write because I do not acquire Skills in writing? There are many importance of skill acquisition in writing but you can stand on the shoulder of giants to learn. I am a final year student of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering but you will be surprised when you read some of my piece. I stated little to learn and you too can do so. You can write on hubpages. It is a place where writers write and get paid. The truth is that you get paid of your articles and they at the same time teach you how to do it. Another alternative is that you can open a blog free at blogger and start writing. But I advice you start with Hubpages because it is a better platform. Go to Hubpages homepage to signup on and start publishing unique articles called hubs that will earn a lot for you.

Writing here does not require any special “thing” and it is free of charge. Signup by clicking the highlighted “here” above and start making money with your computer through writing of articles. You can do it so move on. What is the payment option on Hubpages? Hubpages pays the publishers through paypal and a publisher can make above $1000 a month as the number of articles he publishes increase. One of the ways of making success through this is by constant editing of your articles called hubs. But you have to work hard before you can earn.

How to Make Money while a Student

Students can make money from writing and publishing articles on the internet. This has earned for many.
Students can make money from writing and publishing articles on the internet. This has earned for many. | Source

How can One be a Student in U.S.A and Still makes Money while studying?

Part-Time Job: As a student that need some cash to survive without making it through cut corners which can endanger your life, you can engage in part-time job that can earn you something. You can approach some business setup in United States and negotiate with the manager of the business. Make it known to him or her that you are a student and he or she will understand. Never look at what people will say but move on for you are fighting for yourself.

There are many hotels out there that need the services of some students in US. You can choose to work an hour a day after you lectures and go back to meet your book. Again, on Fridays and Saturdays when you have more time for yourself, you can work from two to four hours in these hotels.

Working in Fiverr: This is a market place that allows large number of US and non-US citizens to market their skills. Do you already have an acquired skill or skills? This is where skill acquisition is important. Anything you know how to do best is marketable on this website. Can you translate English to Spanish or Dutch? Can you design in an occasion or teach people on how to do anything in life? What you need to is to go there and advertise your skills and people will demand for your service. Signup at Fiverr and you are good to go.

Engaging in Essay Competitions. Today, many establishments are looking forward to see students with good writing skills. Learning how to write winning essays is capable of fetching you a lot of money as a student. Establishments bring up essay competitions for students in United States on daily basis with attached money prizes. I have won in an essay competition and you too can be a beneficiary.

Many students in United States of America find themselves from one class of offence to another because they do not make good use of their time. Engaging in essay completion saves student from the risk of finding themselves in any of these classes of offence and at the same time open their eyes to know more at the course of their research.

Tutorials: This has to do with explanation of a particular subject to a group of students. There may be any subject or course which you are good at and can teach people on it very well. Then, you can convert that knowledge into money by teaching students on that area and making money out of it.

If you are good in Calculus, which is a subject that many students find difficult as it is related to Mathematics, you can organise a tutorial on it. Take for instance that you are in your second year of study and undergraduates in year one offer that course, you can go to their lecture halls and create awareness on that. Convince them on why they should be part of your class and tag a price for each hour of the tutorial. Frankly speaking, when you do your job well, many will develop interest.

House or Hostel Agent: I have seen many student house agents who have made it big. When any student hostel is under construction in your location of study, you can meet the chief engineer to “link” you to the owner of the yet-to-be completed hostel. You discuss with the manager on how you can convince students to rent apartments in the hostels. When you do this, some commissions are being paid to you for job well done. You can make post at strategic points in your university or college and write your phone number for any who is interested to call you.


Students’ life is enjoyable but it becomes bitter when there is no money to “tidy up some important things”. Discussed in this topic is how students that live in United States of America can study and at the same time make money to backup their studies. The points discussed are: Article Writing, Part-Time Job, Working in Fiverr, Engaging in Essay Competitions, Tutorials, and House or Hostel Agent. Note that there are other jobs or engagements that can be made by students living in United States of America to make money.

In summary, in any you pickup to engage in, approach it with slow and steady. For instance, writing online articles may not start earning for you at the initial time but accumulate later. I wish you all the best.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2014 Uzochukwu Mike


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