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HubPages: A Great Place for a Professional Profile and Readership Development

Updated on December 24, 2020
aliciaharrell profile image

Alicia has been a Columnist and Reviewer on HubPages for 11 years; became an Author in 2010. Perseverance has been a key to her success.

Synopsis of HubPages is a great starting place for those who wish to develop, hone or begin professionally in the writing field. It is also a great place for a new Author or Freelance Writer who desires having a professional portfolio and readership. There are numerous positives as a HubPages on-line participant.

HubPages is very user friendly with a handy question and answer section one can use as this website's reference usage manual. Some participants write articles (aka hubs) for online socialization purposes. These social-writers enjoy expressing their interests, what they have learned, or share opinions.

This website is a very useful on-line tool for creating a professional journalistic or freelance writing profile. One can share their HubPages profile with places hiring a professional writer which is advantageous for becoming employed in the writing field. On HubPages, each participant can use this website through the type of articles written to fill their writing needs or expectations. I consider this level of flexibility highly beneficial.

5 stars for HubPages

Reasons to use HubPages

This is definitely the website to work on honing your writing skills. HubPages has its own unique per article point system to help each participant determine how well each article was written. The point system designed for HubPages assists with each participant knowing the minute their article is published on HubPages how well the article was written. The generated Hub score is a great way to see improvement in one's writing as one participates by writing hubs. The better the hub is written, the higher the score.

The Hub score per article for me became very useful in writing book, website and movie reviews; something I always wanted to do. This scoring method of the individual Hubs assisted me with staying on track; writing well written pieces. I loved having the monitoring capability the Hub score gives per hub written.

Granted the more one writes, the more proficient and better one becomes as a writer. The more a person writes on HubPages, the better one can refer back to earlier pieces written and spot the elder hubs that require critiquing as well as editing. This improves the quality of one's written works in the long-term.

All Hubs are editable even after publication. I love this aspect for if later on, even months or years later, if you notice some punctuation errors, spelling errors, grammar errors or just want to change the article into something superior, HubPages allows 24/7 (around the clock) editing for any Hub you have personally written. There is no flagging or requesting; all participants can edit any hub they have written at any time of their choosing.

For readership development, this website is definitely one of the best places to obtain an excellent readership base. As each article is published, they immediately are made available to the public. You can share Hubs via email, Facebook, Twitter and other social network sites. I found this very advantageous in readership development, plus the participants on HubPages do read each others' articles. Some participants will even give feedback which I have found extremely helpful. The longer one participates on HubPages, the larger the readership base one develops. I was surprised how large mine grew in my first year, more than quadrupled! The readership growth HubPages delivers their long-term writers is tremendous.

What does a profile (portfolio) on HubPages look like? Here is mine, please click here to view. You may sign up directly via my profile. No, I do not get anything from HubPages for referring people. I spread the word about HubPages because this is my way of assisting others with connecting to a place where they can write and develop their personal writing skills; a good deed in my book.

Did you notice the HubPages rank (number listed on the lower right of the profile picture) on my portfolio? The HubPages rank score enables all participants to know in general how well they are overall doing and the level of their participation. The more one actively participates the higher the HubPages rank usually becomes.

All who sign up on HubPages are given a "back office" also known as the "my account" section for statistical data regarding the individual articles. This section is very informative and assists each to know how large their readership truly is plus how many views the articles individually have received. HubPages has an astounding "back office" which further includes one's HubPages earnings reports. There is no guessing as to how much one is monetarily making on HubPages. I fell in love with this "back office" section the minute I saw mine. This is very friendly to navigate and use.

HubPages is a fun website for publishing articles in one's spare time. That is what I do. I have made some good friendships via HubPages. These special friends and I are connected to one another on HubPages as fans as well as on other social networking sights. This was an added unexpected benefit for being a part of the HubPages community. This is one website I am honored to be a participant for the positives this website has given me are numerous.

I looking forward to sharing Hubs with you. See you on HubPages!

© 2010 Alicia Rose Harrell


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