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My husband and I happily reside in Central Oklahoma. We enjoy going on walks around our community, bidding hello to neighbors as we see them. Sometimes we will go on a spontaneous in-state road trip as something fun to do. Reading together is another past-time we enjoy.

To maintain overall health, 7 days per week, approved by a qualified healthcare provider (highly recommend this discussion with yours before exercising regularly): my mornings usually begin with a combination exercise regimen of Yoga, Tai Chi and low impact Aerobics. Great for waking up the body! After lunch I ride my indoor exercise bike, because I am prone to sitting more than I ought in my vocation as author, columnist and reviewer. In the evenings I complete Yoga and stretching exercises regimen that is perfect for winding down for the night.

We have two sons and two grandsons. Both of our sons are enjoying their American Dream occupations in their chosen fields. The eldest son, father of our two grandsons, loves fatherhood and reminds his children daily the importance of following their dreams. For our family the American Dream is generationally promoted, definitely alive! We highly enjoy and cherish our quality family time, gifted as everyone's busy schedules permit.

I love writing articles/reviews, working on book manuscripts, plus updating my official author's website Alicia Rose Shares.

I have two blogs. My primary blog site is Alicia Rose Online; the secondary is Alicia Rose at WordPress.

My published work (besides HubPages) includes:

1. A Science Fiction novel titled Just Alex. First of a 4 book series.

2. Multi-topical articles, KnowABit.com

3. Uplifting, health and happiness, plus helpful articles on NE.WSNE.WS

I love writing for HubPages; has gifted me the opportunity to write about numerous subjects. This is very rewarding to me for I enjoy sharing interests with others. I am very grateful for readers and appreciate the thought provoking feedback received. HubPages is excellent for developing, honing or maintaining one's writing skills. Does not matter where you are (beginner, intermediate, advanced or professional), please join! Share with us what you know!

I highly recommend HubPages to fellow authors, aspiring writers, readers, friends, family members and neighbors. If you want to break into the writing field, create a professional writer profile or share what you know, HubPages is an excellent venue. It is also perfect for those who love to read. No one runs out of "good reads" on HubPages!

Other interests: Reading books, hubs from my fellow Hubbers, articles, magazines and anything else that is written material - if it is a printed work and near me, I am going to read it. I also enjoy watching movies. For me movie viewing and reviewing are fun. My favorite genres are Science Fiction, Action, Adventure, Romance, Mystery and Comedy.

A special thank you to my fellow Hubbers for the great supply of interesting reading material they continue to gift. It is wonderful to share with others as we "follow" one another on HubPages.

Enjoy today! :D

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