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Human String Cheese Debacle

Updated on December 19, 2012
The start of something more satisfying.
The start of something more satisfying.
The evidence of being completely flexible to society's demands.
The evidence of being completely flexible to society's demands.

Feeling like a complete and fraudulent mess

A piece of cheese that's been mauled by the rat race

Nothing but a smoke screen compromised of lies

Based on a clever design of bravado, fear and Chocolate

Have raided more than one workplace vending machine

To gather up enough sugar filled courage to get through

Another day filled with more pretense than anyone could handle

Even if they were avid Days of Our Lives fans could fathom

Sometimes the mundane is harder to swallow than the insane

Let the inmates run the forty hour asylum in piece

Not turn them into Stepford's newest model of lab rats

Looking for scraps of approval filled bread crumbs

Avoid picking things up off the floor unless it's been bleached

Numerous times for safety purposes

Searching for ways to stay together and not blow too many fuse boxes

Internal or external of course

Tempers constantly flaring and too many people walking a very tight rope

Stuck in a very narrow spot that could end favorably or with an obituary

Written in the tiniest corner of the New York Times

Another forgotten blurb of a life cut miserably too short

Choosing the road more often traveled by everyone

The numerous footprints should be a clear indication

Deciding to be stretched in more places than Gumby thought was possible

Time to become someone greater than expected: flexible

Hard to believe that this fate was chosen by anyone

But still a choice nonetheless

And that's all that matters in the end.


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