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Don't Give Up on Apple Pie

Updated on January 29, 2013
Ravaged Pockets
Ravaged Pockets | Source
Pies. Made in America.
Pies. Made in America. | Source

I Have More Bags Than Cents

I have more bags than cents. And, a pocket (just one; see photo to your right) bursting with hope. Isn't this the makings of the American Dream? I mean, well, kind of? That's all it took for our grandparents' and parents' generations to launch automobiles, planes, trains, fridges-- an endless stream of new age technology. All life-changing events--right down to stockings and, let's not forget, Pogo Sticks and Slinkies!

Now, the seams of America are unraveling-- hard times pulling at our pockets like hungry children. Over the splintered path of a bridge from unemployment to salvaging our lives--there aren't enough pennies to sustain us. Not even enough left-over carrots from that long-ago lunch so causally discarded in the cafeteria! Remember those? Even Twinkies don't come cheap. In fact, Twinkies are perishing in the hungriest of times. Twinkies, for god's sake! (Yes. I owe my only growth spurt during my teen years to these perfect namaste-filled pastries.)

Here, I was entertaining the idea of stuffing bags with services, and a more enlightened approach to life that would save the weary with my selfless devotion. When it's really a matter of stuffing those bags--with pie! Who doesn't like pie? I like pie. I can even make pie. A lot of apple pie. It's as emblematic as the flag; as iconic as John F. Kennedy, rotary telephones, Andy Warhol ... I mean, Wall Street can't get enough pie.

Can we bank on history ultimately repeating itself; refilling our pockets and life bags with such tasty delights? Could pie be the new Model T? The vehicle to replace those outdated bootstraps that the unforgiving talk about as the cure to all that ails this generation. Our parents think the world of those little loops. Yes. Maybe that's the ticket! A new body politic of pie and no bootstraps. (Did anyone else just glimpse one moose-shooting mom?) Wait! Maybe I need to rethink this...

Here, I was entertaining the idea of providing services to the weary; adopting a more dharma-centric approach to life. When it's really a matter of stuffing those bags after all. With pie! Lots of baked American pie.


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