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I Live on This Side of the Place Called Earth

Updated on July 15, 2019
I walk, I dance, I swim, and I prance.
I've got two eyes, two hands, and a body with glands.
I have two feet for running long distance or for walking with a band.
I've got brain for thinking...and I'm wondering,
What's on the other side of this land?

You see, I also live in this world called Earth.
But it seems my world and yours are separated by breadth.
Each morning when I open up my eyes, I see dust, tall grass and the 
villagers' mud hut.
While you are anguished by pollen, weeds and not-so-green grass on your 
acres of lot.

I am burnt by the hot summer sun
Planting and gathering the produce of the land.
But isn't it funny, the moment you open your ginormous fridge overfilled with food,
You are perplexed and quite undecided which dressing appeals to your 
current mood.
Some of us go hungry and others die for lack of food.
But people on your side throw away those that are still good.

I can't imagine what it is like to have electricity.
It would have been nice if our village is lit up like a city.
I can't comprehend, what does it really do?
Why people grumble and whine when there's a blackout or two?
Electricity probably makes your life easier and better
Especially with those gadgets that you're so used to and what they 
can offer.
I am also intrigued by that thing called television.
It's getting bigger and bigger each passing holiday season.
I wonder what it feels to have a 500-channel subscription.
That's a lot of wonder you're stressed
And I'm beginning to ask, are you addicted to movie marathon?

The clothes on my back are holey, faded and tattered.
Yet you pay a high price for a designer's clothing that are holey and 
Getting new ones is considered a privilege that is why I've worn mine 
for several days in a row.
While you are preoccupied with the thought, will this dress match my 

Each day, I walk several miles to fill my jug, not minding if the water 
I scoop is murky or not.
While you can control whether the water that comes out of that faucet is cold or hot.
I would really love to know the taste difference of a water that is 
filtered, distilled or natural.
I only know one source of our water which is by the river and it is 
brown as usual.

What does it feel to live a life like you do?
I know there are many of us here dreaming about that too.
We've only known the simple life we have in this village.
My parents taught me that being alive itself is already a privilege.
I just wish that you'll learn to count it as a blessing
And be grateful for all and I guess for everything.
There are millions of people earning less than a dollar each day
Just trying to get by every single day.
When you are bombarded by mundane problems that rob you of your mirth,
Kindly think of us here who are living in what they call the 
"God-forsaken" side of our world we call Earth.


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