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I Once Saw A Man

Updated on November 26, 2012
I Once Saw A Man...
I Once Saw A Man...

Hey...How ya' doing? How ya' been? I would like to share this with you. It is something that I wrote a few years ago...and I think it is relevant to anyone taking a look at their life:
I once saw a man. A man who had a wonderful house, but he was hardly ever there.
I once saw a man who went to a really great church, but again, he never had time to visit.
I once saw a man who had many great books, all of them new and never opened, someday.... he would read them all.
I once saw a man who had many wonderful songs on C.D.'s which were all programmed into his stereo system. However, he never had time to listen to them.
I once saw a man who loved the outdoors so much that just sitting out in the grass watching the birds fly by gave him great joy, unfortunately, he spent most of the time behind a desk looking outside through the window.
I once saw a man who had the greatest children. However, the times he had to spend with them were few and far between everything else that always needed to be done. Pretty soon he was watching those kids graduate from high school.
I once saw a man who had a beautiful wife, yet, time had broken the beautiful bond they once had with each other.
I once saw a man who worked hard to have a nice car which spent most of the time parked in the parking garage while he was in his office working.
I once saw a man who had a puppy who loved to go on walks in the neighborhood. However, the older dog he just went for a walk with today had a harder time getting around.
I once saw a man who loved to fish, but his rod and reel were buried in the garage somewhere and his tackle box had a layer of dust on it so thick he couldn't even recognize it.
I once saw a man who liked to work in his garden, but the weeds had grown over his garden for so long he couldn't even see his favorite plants anymore.
I once saw a man that had many friends, but he was so busy that it became harder and harder to keep up with any of them, so he finally gave up trying.
I once saw a man who loved to travel, and never went anywhere because he never took a long vacation.
I once saw a man who said he would get into better physical health beginning tomorrow....
I once saw a man being buried in a coffin with his small family all around him- missing him-but more importantly missing the man he could have been, even more. Although, they all appreciated how much he had done for them.
I once saw this man entering the same building I worked at and I thought he was a pretty sad individual...then, I looked a little harder and I saw that this man was me....Is this man you?
Thank You Lord...for showing me this man!

(Wriiten in: January 2005)

Copyright © 2010 All Rights Reserved


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