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I pray for thee

Updated on September 19, 2010

I pray for thee

Young lady I pray for thee. That you see all the things that God wants you to see.

Open your eyes.Reach for the sky! Open your heart and open it wide.

I never want to let you go. I feel your presence deep in my soul.

When you're here, When you're not near, In my dreams. In my tears.

When I awake in the morning, you're on my mind. When the phone rings, I'm wishing it's you on the other side.

I'm constantly wanting you to walk by my way. So I can say "Hello!" or see our smile that day.

Young lady, I pray for thee. That you will finally see . . . that I was meant for you and you were meant four me.

The Angels above said to me, "Ylynd-Tiron, one day you'll meet your Queen."

Well, I finally feel that day has come. That I am blessed an found that one. That one who could kiss my tears away.

That one I longed for each and everyday.

That one who will set my spirits free. That one who's only meant for me.

Young lady, I pray for thee and I pray you pray for me.



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    • Tyrone Smalls profile image

      Tyrone Smalls 7 years ago from Edi, Isl.

      Thou Shall not Lie!

      A liar is worse than a dead dog. Anyone who lies to another individual is a person who has no conscience, no compassion, and ultimately no moral sense of reality. This type of person cannot be trusted with anything of value.

      As a human race we must look within ourselves to rid our communities, our churches, our schools, our corporations, sporting events, our families and most of all our prayer time of this deadly disease which poisons the mind, heart, and soul of every young person living today. I submit to you that Almighty God will judge severely those who lie to the very ones he created. There should never be a time that we as a people disrespect and dishonor the very thing that we say we love and cherish. It’s time to repent, come clean and live in the house of integrity. One of the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20, the bible says: “Thou shall not lie”. Playing games with God is a game you don’t play. We must never promise to commit unless we commit to the promise.

    • jgw899 profile image

      jgw899 7 years ago from Santa Cruz

      whoa! what a touching hub you had! it really touch my heart. I am also hoping to meet my soul mate. thanks for this it gives me more hopes.