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Updated on March 2, 2012

I am here~

You are there~

You are methodic in your thinking~

I most certainly am aware!

You say it is because of physical plight~

This certainly is a possibility that is true~

Yet you must also learn and know~

That you assuredly suffer too from the blues…

I worry~

As you talk~

At your scary warped logic~

I definitely do grieve as I balk~

Wishing I could keep you safe in my pocket…

Systematically you plan~

I am frightened to know~

What you wish to be at hand~

I vehemently refuse to let you go!

Carefully now you choose your words~

As you close yourself off to me~

Randomly I try almost anything~

For you to be hopeful and believe!

Meticulously you research~

For your untimely demise~

I don’t think you realize~

How you are the apple of so many eyes!

I am trying to save you~

From terminating your life! ~

I could not bare your passing~

Your death would be my overwhelming strife!

Please listen to the concept~

That your rational thought is compromised~

Open your high intellect of your mind~

For I am confident that happiness you can still find!

Hear me my dear one! ~

Hear me I say! ~

Let in the sunlight! ~

Let any thing at least brighten your day!

If only you had a belief in a higher power~

A fear of it to safe your conflicts~

To hold you in this realm~

To heal what is your illness…

I am trying to save you~

Yet I seem to have run out of options~

I have exhausted every avenue~

This is trouble of great proportions!

After running out of alternatives~

There is only one opportunity left for me~

To pray on your decisions~

That GOD ALMIGHTY will intervene and save Thee!


Lisa J. Warner


Lisa Luv




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