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Idioms...sayings understood by native speakers part seventy five

Updated on June 30, 2011

Katie sighed. Enough of this. She would have to get home somehow. Should she call the police? Would they even believe her? The man that told her of her father's murder was a re... she stopped in mid thought... a mentally challenged person.

"Ah well." She grabbed the TV remote, and started to flip through the channels.

"Excuse me, Miss Hauser?"

A true Bishounen was standing in front of her. She swallowed hard, noting the man to be in his early twenties with casts on both arms. She blinked to make sure it wasn't some residual hallucination from her anesthesia.

"Ah, er, yes." She focused again. "And you are?"

"My name is Joseph Bonner. My friends call me Joey."

"Jo..ey?" Even the name fit into her manga crazed mind.... "Um, may I call you that?"

"Sure." Joey thought, this could be easier than I expected.

"Please sit down. I am sooooooo bored."

Joey swallowed a smile at the teenage melodrama. Remember she is sixteen. He sat down beside the petite girl with long black hair.

"I am Charlie's friend. He said you needed some help and sent me."

"You know Charlie?" Then wondered if this was a trick. "How do you know Charlie?"

"He is my best friend's sister's best friend's brother."

Wow, confusing...with relationships. Just like.... She shook her head.

"So if you know Charlie, how would you describe him?"

"He is special."


"He is a grown man with a child's mind. You surely know that. Right?"

"Tell me something that a stranger would not know."

Joey squinted his eyes in concern. This one was one cautious teen.

"He has trouble saying his Rs."

She giggled. "He does at that." She caught her breath and looked up at the ceiling, did God really hear her ask for help.

"Charlie sent me because he was afraid for you."


"Yes. Can I help you with anything?"

"I have to get home."

"Well, in a few days..."

"No. Tonight. It has to be tonight."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, my dad... he is dead. Charlie thinks he was murdered. I got a message from my dad. I have to go home and see if I can find it." She thought, it works in the manga. She folded her hands, holding them in front of her chin, batted her hazel eyes and said, "Pretty please?"

Joey flinched at her face and laughed, not meaning to, but this kid had seen too many teen movies or something.

"Look, you just had a heart transplant. I am not sure it is a good thing for you to be traipsing around the town. Can you just tell me what you want? I can go get it."

"No." She pouted her lips like a little stubborn kid. "Only I will know what it is." She held the locket, remembering her dad asking her what her favorite manga was. He even read the first book and was hooked.

Joey stated. "Let me think about the best way to get you out of here for a while. But remember it can only be for a couple of hours." He paused. "Did anyone say when you would get released?"

"That is just it. I have no where to go. So they won't talk with me about discharge. When I agreed to have the operation, the doctors said I could go home in three days as long as I get my check ups twice a week."

"I see. You need a place to live because your dad is gone."

"Yes. And they will come and take my house. I have got to go home....soon. And then there is a man who wants me.... "

"A man?"

"Yes. A balding cold man named ... what was it? ... ah yes... Matthews, I think his name was Aaron Christopher. He is old and creepy. Like a possessed accountant."

Joey leaned forward. "Matthews? Are you freaking kidding me?" He held up his arms. "His family is what caused this to happen. You can't go with him."

"I know. I don't want to... but he says he will help me finish high school and go to college. I want to get my art degree. I want to be a mangaka."

Joey had a blank expression on his face. "A what?"

"A manga artist, um, here, it would be a comic book writer and artist."

"I see." Although, Joey still wasn't quite sure what the attraction was. He did like the old superman comics that Mama K had kept from when she was a kid..

"Um, but I don't want to go with him. He really is creepy. He says he wants to have a child he doesn't have to toilet train."

"He does sound odd."

"Bottom line, Mr. Joseph Bonner. What is in it for you?"



"Um, absolutely nothing, except, not letting a Matthews have what he wants. That is pretty satisfying in itself."


"So, Mr. Zebrowsky, you expect me to believe that your client was invited to that office by the victim?" The judge raised an eyebrow at the bail hearing.

"Yes, your honor. My client is not flight risk. This is just a case of misunderstanding on the victim's part. Or a plot to bring down a great pillar of the community."

"Save it, Counselor. This is just a bail hearing."

"Your honor, Stanley Kuzavich for the prosecution. This man is a proven stalker of the victim by several of the eyewitness accounts. The state can prove premeditation and planning to commit a heinous act. This man can no longer hide behind being a fine up standing citizen."

John sat quietly unassuming. He kept eye contact with the judge who happened to be a fortyish handsomely attractive female.

She looked at the man in question and took note of his stare. She sighed.

"Bail set for one million dollars. And, Mr. Matthews will turn his passport over to the Prosecutor's office." She leaned over the desk.

"Do you understand, Mr. Matthews, that if you so much as leave this state, you will land right back here...." She slammed her gavel down . "Next Case."

"Okay. That went well, your brother authorized one hundred thousand dollars to be put up. Meanwhile, we will work on getting a mistrial for not having enough evidence."

"So... I am free to go?"

"Yes. But stay away from the victim." Brett Zebrowsky slammed his brief case shut to emphasize the point. "Do I make myself clear?"

"Give me a break, Zebrowsky. You are just hired help."

Brett gave this stupidly rich man a wicked smile. "You are absolutely right. And with your family as my clients, I might be able to retire early."

Stanley sat putting his paperwork into the brief case. Brett sent his client out with his assistant. Walking over to the man... "So, this case warrants the district attorney himself to represent the people? Don't you have junior prosecutors?"

Stanley smiled slightly. "How have you been, Brett?"

"Never better and never richer. I have to hand it to you, Stanley. Now I have two Matthews on my tab. I feel like I should offer you something for the referral."

"You never change."

"Neither will you. You know your client has no case. It is just a matter of he said, she said. And since there was no real rape... I will make your client look like a poster child for Hiedi Flice and Mata Hari.... We can always plead guilty to public nuisance or wot knot... Give the guy a break. Say a month of Community Service. He owns a toy company for God's sake."

Stanley finished putting his paper work away. He stood up and sighed, offering a hand shake to his opponent. "See you in court, counselor."

As he watched Zebrowsky leave, Stanley looked at his watch. He should be home in an hour.


"Look." Joey took a piece of paper towel out of the bathroom. "Here is my cell phone number."

He picked up her phone in the room and wrote down her number.

"I will call you tomorrow with a plan. Don't go with anyone if they release you. It will be okay. My friends and I will help you. But you have to be strong. Patience is a learned thing so don't do anything stupid tonight." He gave the most sternist face he could to the teenager, remembering Jenny as she had decked him for trying to sneak off and get a fix. He mimicked that look. The girl cowled and nodded.

"I mean it. You take off on your own and you will be just that. ON YOUR OWN."

The girl meekly nodded.

Joey left the room to join the men waiting for his return. He told them of what occurred in the conversation. He shook his head.

"She is going to go to her house tonight."

"What?" Dejuan asked.

"I know the look of a lying teenager." Joey stated quietly.

Larry sighed. "So she is just like you?"

"She knows what she wants and she will not take no for an answer. Hell, " he added, "She won't take a wait until tomorrow for an answer."

Dejuan looked at his brother.

Deshaun returned the look. "Don't tell me... You are feeling lucky?" and smiled.


Carl and Jenny sat on the rocking chairs infront of Rick's house. Carl had helped him into bed hours ago. Exhaustion, shock, the man had aged from all that had happened to Lynn. Carl reached over and took Jenny's hand in his.

"I thought I had lost you forever when you said you were leaving for everyone's sake." He swallowed hard. "When Rick told me you still were at the hospital, I had to get to you. Then I saw John, I could have easily murdered that son of a"...

Jenny silenced him with a kiss.

"Carl." She looked into his eyes. "I could not bring myself to be far away from you. I had hoped to hide in plain sight. But that was not meant to be. Your Uncle will not plead guilty, this is going to be an ugly trial. Everything is going to be made known. Everything... "

"I know. I will stand beside you... no matter what."

She gave him an encouraging smile.

"Feel up to that rematch..?"

He stood up and pulled her out of the chair, and hugged her tightly.

"I am going to have to take rain check on that. Okay?"

to be continued.


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    • meow48 profile image

      meow48 6 years ago from usa

      thankyou so much. yeah. the unraveling will soon begin... spiraling out of control... now if only i can achieve that without confusing everyone, it should be okay.

    • profile image

      Aka Professor M 6 years ago

      The way that you've assembled this segment has me expecting a bombshell very soon, Jean. It has set the stage and the long awaited confrontation is imminent from all the signs that you've presented. Great Job, Jean! Voted this up and


      Regards Mike (Aka Professor M!) ;D