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Idioms...sayings understood by native speakers part seventy six

Updated on June 30, 2011

Chris sat in the limo waiting on his brother. He pulled out his cell and connected with the net. He frowned a little trying to remember exactly what that girl called him. Oh, yes, a daddy long legs? what is that? He looked it up. Surely she is not calling him a spider? He then found a book reference, and a movie reference. Ahhh, i see. An older rich man supports an orphan anonymously. What an obscure reference. Why didn't I think of that?

John entered the limo and sat back sighing. He wanted to get the stench of jail off his clothes. He looked at Chris who was doing something with his phone.

"What are you doing, Chris?"

"Just looking up something."

"Well... as much as I hate to say this, thank you."

Chris looked up confused.

"What did you just say?"

"Thank you for getting me out of jail."

What has gotten into him? Chris knitted both brows together.. and was silent.

"You are supposed to say You are welcome."

"Oh. You're welcome." Chris stated automatically as he stared at his cell phone.

"Jeez. What has gotten into you?"

"I went to visit that orphan today." Looking up at his brother, he wanted to see his reaction.

"You ... what?"

"You heard me."

"Chris, why would you do that?"

"Because... I needed to."

"Chris, don't do this."


"Don't bring her into our house. We have enough problems as it is."

"Don't I know it. I had to cash out a couple of bonds to get the cash flow for your stupidity."

"That's right. We can't afford this brat. Just leave her to the state."

"I don't know why... but I can't do that."

"Yes. You can."

"And, you.... are you gonna leave Carl's girl alone?"

"Stop calling her Carl's girl." He ground out through clenched teeth.

"You know, Martin is going to sanction you."

"Shut up."

"Just thought I would give you a head's up..."

"And what are you going to do when Martin finds out what you have been doing."

Chris shrugged. "He will listen to reason, especially when I tell him how pretty she is."


"Okay. Does everyone know what to do?" Dejuan asked.

The men nodded.

They sat quietly in the chairs waiting.


Katie rang the call light.

"Nurse, is it okay for me to walk in the hallway?"

The nurse sighed. "Katie, did you see PT to day?"

"You mean Physical Therapy?"


"Of course."

"Fine then, what did they say?"

"They said I should get up and walk as much as possible."

"Really?" She paused. "Stay here, while I go read their note."

Katie watched her leave. Damn, she thought. She got up slowly and took some shallow breaths to ease the pain at the incision in her chest. As she got to the door, she looked left and right, seeing no one, she cautiously stepped out of her room. She tip toed to the edge of the hall and then boldly walked in front of the nursing station while all the nurses were busy looking at charts. She got to the exit of the ward just outside of the waiting room.

"I made it." She whispered, as she fist-ed her hand and brought it down to her side... only to find a tall African American man standing on one side of her. She turned to go the other way, and saw a look a like on that side of her. "What the..."

"Quiet, Miss Katie. We are friends of Charlie. Just stay here for a second."

Sal came out of the bathroom then. Larry called him about a sixteen year old orphan who was going to be asked to stay with the Matthews family. As far as Sal was concerned, if the girl was willing to fight, he would not let this happen. He saw a pale thin, black haired girl sitting between Larry and Joey. Yeah. This was not going to happen.

"Miss Hauser, I presume?"


A.J. covered his smile as he watched John kneeling in front of Martin with his arms in the air.

"Martin, I think that you have watched too many Asian movies."

"Ah, but it works." As he held a stick pointing it at John.

"You got caught. That is what this punishment is about."

"And, you are going to be sanctioned." A.J. smiled. "Although, I heard that you really went after that blond."

"It will be determined just how many stocks you will lose because of this, John." The Chairman stated to his brother. "It will simply be based if you can save A.J. and yourself from going to trial. Do you understand?"

"It wasn't my fault, Martin. I did nothing wrong. That blond tempted me."

Martin sighed. He bent down to eye level at John.

"You really expect me to believe that. The only reason I tolerate you is because of your talent. And it is just because of that, I will not believe you now. I DO NOT CARE. You got caught. Carl will be involved again. He must make it out of this unscathed."

"Why? I don't get it."

Martin walked behind John and smacked him with his cane.

"He will be the one to carry on our name. He must stay innocent."


Carl woke up to the sound of Rick snoring away. Jenny had slept in the other room. He stretched and yawned, getting up. After all, it was Saturday, so much had happened and life seemed like it was moving too fast. He showered and headed into the kitchen as he saw Jenny setting the table.

"You're up?"

Jenny gave him a quick smile. "Yeah, take a seat. I just need to pour the coffee."

Rick struggled out of his bed and hit the shower. As he got to the table, Jenny and Carl were munching on toast and eggs.

He grabbed one of his travel cups, filling it with coffee.

"I have to get to the hospital."

"Fine." Carl swallowed his eggs. "Let's go."

"Yes. I have to report in anyway. I also want to check up on Sara." Jenny added.

As they climbed into the car, Carl grabbed Rick's keys.

"Give me a break, cuz. I can drive my own car."

"Sure. But not today, you are not focused."

"Besides, you need to eat." Jenny pulled up a baggie with a toast and egg sandwich.


Sal had the papers drawn up and ready to be signed. He would be the girl's guardian and take on the company for the benefits that she should get. As he entered the girl's room, a medium built balding man was sitting in a chair waiting at the bedside that was empty.

"Hello?" Sal started.

"Oh, um, Hello." The man seemed to be in some kind of difficulty.

"My name is Sal...Salvatore Basso. And you are?"

"Um, Chris... Matthews."

"And you are here to visit Miss Hauser?"

"If she is discharged today, I will be taking her home."

"Really?" Looking at the man, Sal took a deep breath. "And why would she be going home with you?"

"Ah, well, er the girl has no relatives and she needs a home."

"And what do you need, if you don't mind me asking?" Sal watched the man squirm in his seat.

"Me? I am just an accountant. I do not have many responsibilities and since I knew the girl's father, I figured I could help out."

"Ah, well, then, if you think you want this girl to be your family, shouldn't you go through the courts? Maybe become her foster parent through CPS?"

"I don't think it has to be that formal. Do you?" Chris muttered, squirming a little in his seat. "Besides, who are you to be asking these kind of questions."

"Ah, I guess I wasn't clear. I am an attorney that will act as Miss Hauser's guardian until we can get other arrangements made."

Chris broke out in a sweat.


Sara woke up as she felt someone holding her hand. She looked up and there was Jenny. She yawned, sitting up and held her arms wide open. Jenny reached out for the woman that she felt was her friend and probably was fast becoming a mother to her.


John was once again on a trip to Lansing. Despite the warning he had recieved from his attorney, he had to go there. This time it was an edict from the Chairman. John lifted his left arm and rubbed it with his right, vigorously. Still sore from the caning he got, he remembered what Martin had told him...

"Go to Lansing Memorial, find that assistant of Carl's. She was in that accident and is critical."

"What? Do you still have feelings for her?"

The Chairman looked at John, "Feelings?" He paused, then smiled. "I just want to know how bad off she is. And... how badly Rick is affected by all of this. You see, we get to him... we will get to that Jenny girl and the brother."

John rubbed his face sighing. He remembered the sound of Jenny's voice as she reached and hugged herself. It was like he had witnessed an epiphany. I love you. rang in his head. Who else could she had said that to. He was the only one in the room. He saw the hospital coming into view. He had to play his cards exactly right to win this one...for everybody.


Rick once again was at Lynn's bedside. The nurse said it had been six hours since they had turned the drip off. He held her hand and closed his eyes silently praying... when his cell vibrated in his pocket. He pulled back and looked at the caller ID. Sighing, he got up and excused himself to Lynn, heading out past the waiting room to a cell phone allowed area in the hospital. He hit the button.

"Yeah, Deshaun. What is it?"

"Bro, I know you are really busy. How is Lynn?"

"So far she is holding her own. They are weaning her off the drugs, so we don't know if there is any residual brain damage."

"We have been keeping you both in our thoughts."

"Thanks, Deshaun, I gotta to get back."

"Um, Rick, there have been some developments. I really need to talk to you."

"Fine, shoot."


The nurse entered into Lynn's room. She was surprised by an elegant looking older man sitting beside Lynn, staring at her.

"Sir, you certainly can talk to Miss Johnson. It might help her wake up from her coma."

The man nodded. "So has she had some kind of brain damage from the accident?"

"Ah, that remains to be seen." She paused. "Are you family or a friend?"

"I am her employer."

"Ah. Well, I can let you stay another fifteen minutes, then I have a few things that have to be done. At that time I will ask you to leave the room."

"No problem. Our company is just devastated over the accident. And our people involved are spread over three counties, so those of us on the board are taking turns to check up on them."

"That is so nice." The nurse replied. "I'll be back later."

John gave him his most winning smile. As she left he grabbed Lynn's hand and squeezed it as hard as he could.

Nothing. Not even a flinch or pull. Now this was interesting.

He stood over her and looked at the bruised and cut face. Whatever had been beautiful about this girl, was really lost right now. He turned her head to the left and then to the right and gave it a complete inspection. Yeah, her attractiveness was gone. He glanced at her neck and saw a dressing peeking out at the center of her collar bone. Pausing, he wondered. That looks like it had been a chest incision dressing. He reached to the top of her gown and started to pull it downward to see if he was right.

John jumped as a large hand came down on top of his. The other hand was at the back of his neck.

"What the hell do you think you are doing, Uncle John?" Rick ground out as he spun his Uncle and shoved him into the wall with an arm lock.

"Rick? Is that you? Thank goodness. I thought it was some kind of hooligan."

"Shut up. What were you doing to my woman?"

"Rick, Rick... Your woman? Martin sent me here."

"My father? What ever for?"

"He wanted to know how bad her injuries are, that is all. He was just concerned."

"And you decided to check them out your self?"

"You know, I have always been very thorough in my inspections."

"Shut up."

"Ah, er, Gentlemen, is there a problem?" The nurse had her arms crossed and her eyes narrowed as she saw the one that was the patient's fiance restraining the other one who had claimed to be her boss.


Charlie sat up on the side of the bed. He would be discharged today. He looked up and saw his Uncles Joey and Larry come in.

"Are you guys going to take me home?" Holding his teddy bear, the boy looked a little scared.

"We are going to take you to Rick's house. Okay?"



"When can Charlie get to see Lynn?"

Joey reached over and gave Charlie's shoulder a squeeze.

"If we cannot make it today, then definitely tomorrow. Okay? Lynn is still sleeping from the drugs they gave her."

Charlie nodded.

The nurse came in with papers to be signed.


"I am very sorry, Miss Hauser. Everything looked good when we did the transplant."

"I do not understand. I feel great."

"Compared to your old heart, this one is good. The thing is it is not particular great. We found out to day that it belonged to a fifty eight year old woman."

"So...? Like in twenty years or so, I might need another transplant?"

"If we are lucky... but this heart ..." He looked at the sixteen year old. "I am just saying take it easy. Keep your wieght down. Don't eat hamburgers and french fries..."

"So I stay on my heart healthy diet... right?"


"Will I still need the hypertension medicaiton?"

"We will try to wean you off of that... a little at a time, oksy?"


Katie sat in her wheelchair as the trasnport guy pushed her to her room. Not only did her father give up his life for this heart, the people who had killed him, made sure that she got an old heart. By the time she had made it to her room, she was fuming.

Chris stood up as she entered, getting out of the wheel chair she made it to her bed. As she settled herself, she saw Chris and Mr. Basso.

"Mr. Basso, did you bring the papers?" She asked quietly.

"Yes. Miss Hauser."

"Good." She turned her head slowly to look at this old man who was so hell bent to take her in. "You. Mr. Matthews. What are you doing here?"

"Ah, I wanted to take you home today."

"Really? And do you really think I would go home with you?"

Chris looked confused. "Katie, I don't think you have any other options."

Katie smiled. "Options? I have about twenty years left of options."

Chris stopped at that. Act dumb, he thought, "Twenty years?"

"Yeah, It seems the donor was in her late fifties. What do you think of that, Mr. Matthews?"

"Ah, I am sorry? But I hear donors are hard to come by so...."

"So, my father who worked so diligently for you. He was essentially murdered. And I got a heart with only a twenty year warrenty, maybe..."

Chris kept his face from reacting. He pulled the times tables up in his head to try to keep the fear of revealing something from coming into play.

Sal watched the older man pale. This guy could never play poker and was probably the weakest link in the Matthews clan.

"You know, Mr. Matthews... I don't think I can agree to live with you. My dad... he is everything to me and I will not stop until I find his killers."

Sal narrowed his eyes. She is setting herself up as bait.

"It is my understanding, Katie, that your dad was robbed. The police will find the killers."

"You think me that naive?" She hissed. "My dad knew his killers. They were the same ones who gave me this old heart. I will not rest even if it takes me the entire twenty years to prove it. And, Mr. Matthews. My name is MISS Hauser. Do you understand? Don't take me lightly."

Chris excused himself and headed out, pulling his cell phone out he pressed the button to Martin.

Sal sat down beside Katie in the vacated chair.

"What the hell do you think you are doing, young lady?"

"Me? I am plotting revenge. Are you in or not?"


Rick glanced at the nurse and quickly let his Uncle go who rubbed his arm and rolled his shoulder to release the tension.

"I will be leaving." John stated.

"I think you both should go. This is a hospital, not a bar. If you want to brawl, take it elsewhere." The nurse stated.

Rick nodded and followed John out. As they got to the elevators, John stated.

"Look, Rick. I will tell Martin she remains in a coma. How are you holding up?"

Rick arched an eyebrow. "Since when have you cared, Un...cle John?"

"You are right. I don't. It looks like you are holding up well. I will report that back to Martin. About Miss Lundstrum, how is she?"

"What? Why are you going on this fishing expedition? She is well, considering all that you tried to do to her." The elevator opened. Rick watched him step on.

John sighed. "She told me that she loved me, Rick. What else was I supposed to do?"

Rick narrowed both eyes at that. "I had no idea you were this deluded, John. Go home, take a cold shower, and get over what strange fascination you have for Jenny. She does not nor will ever belong to you."

John stared directly ahead, as the elevator doors closed.

to be continued...


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    • meow48 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from usa

      thank you.

    • profile image

      Aka Professor M 

      9 years ago

      Now the Storyline has reached that critical point, Jean! This is the point that separates the writer from the what to be. You have shown that you can carry a story and do it well.

      I will be very interested in the way this finishes up so please take your time and don't rush it Now! If you have a person who can edit for you get them to read over your work with you! This is a masterpiece and deserves to be treated that way! Voted Up and Awesome!

      Regards Mike ! (Aka Professor M!) ;D


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