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If your Daughter killed her Rapist

Updated on August 25, 2014

It is lawlessness when one take the life of another, nothing justifies it. Sometimes during self defence, one end up killing another and i have questioned this time without number. Will the law hold me for kicking down the gun from a killer ready to pull the trigger, pick the gun before he does and pump in all rounds into his skull? The answer was Manslaughter and not first degree but manslaughter carries its own penalty, sometimes lengthy jail term and if leniency comes in vogue, we hear discharged and acquitted!!!

The whole community was thrown into a turmoil at the tragic death of Bill. He lost his wife a year ago and was trying to be a good father to his two lovely daughters so what must have triggered Mary to brutally stab her father to death? This case was hard for the police and the community to comprehend, and Mary as far as people who knew her could attest was a peaceful girl.

48hrs after stabbing her father to death and showing no remorse, Mary was arraigned before Judge Alex. The Judge was furious that a 17yrs old girl could raise the knife and stab her own father, you could see the rage on his face and although the defence counsel were ready to throw their defence but Mary has not even told anyone what triggered her action. But the world was shocked at the bitterness of this evil daughter...

"What will you do if your father raped you and your sister?" She asked the court?

You could hear a pin drop at the silence in the entire court while tearful and remorseful Mary spoke...

I lost my mind and conscience because he repeatedly raped us after mum died. Few hours before i stabbed him, he had dragged Judith into his room and raped her, i watched her cried but could not help, he stopped us from communicating with anyone or stepping out from the house so there was no where help could come, he made us prisoners. I tried to sleep that night but the trauma of being rapped and by own father gave my heart no rest.

What will you do if your Daughter killed her Rapist

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The fear of seeing him took over me. What sort of father will go so low a thing to have sex with his own daughter?My respect and love for him faded away and turned to intense hate the very first day he raped me. There was so much rage and pain in me and the multiple stab on him helped me eased them. That night i took the kitchen knife and stabbed him while he was asleep and afterwards called the cops. You might say that i didn't think twice, the cops called me evil but what sort of law is law that cannot protect the innocent. Your honor, find me guilty if it please you but what would you have done if i was your daughter and killed my rapist?


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