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Poetry: I'm Sick and Tired

Updated on October 2, 2013
The big hand is supposed to be set to "fatigue"
The big hand is supposed to be set to "fatigue" | Source

I’m sick and tired….

of people thinking they know more about me than I do.

of others saying what I believe is crazy.

of being told I’m damaged, but it isn’t my fault…. it is the people I hang with.

of having physical restrictions put on me, telling me what I can and can’t do.

of being labeled, stereotyped, badmouthed, and criticized for things I’ve never even said or done.

of not being good enough for anyone or anything…being “perfect” only when they say and then being used and thrown away.

of living in this world of hypocrites and posers who only care about themselves.

of being broken down by others and then expected to fix myself like new again with no help.

of being sick and tired.

I know we all feel this way at one point but...

How old were you when you got over feeling "Sick and Tired"?

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    • DarkMuse13 profile image

      Christine Buenemann 2 years ago from Saint Louis, Mo

      Thank you. It's been 2 years now and I've already worked through half of this list here and there. It is all about the company you keep and learning from your mistakes. Change your actions and outlook and then life starts changing... sometimes. :)

    • CriticalThinker12 profile image

      CriticalThinker12 2 years ago

      Christine - Great poem!

    • DarkMuse13 profile image

      Christine Buenemann 5 years ago from Saint Louis, Mo

      @sheilanewton I am getting to the point where I don't care what people think about me, but I do care what they say bc of what they say. It isn't the usual gossip or stuff you would think. No they attack my medical issues and my bad luck: things I can't control. I don't have many friends bc I won't put up with people that deceive me and talk about me behind my back. I can put up with teasing all day to my face bc I will dish it right back, that I have no problems with. But pretend to be two-faced with me, and you won't see me again as a friend.

    • sheilanewton profile image

      sheilanewton 5 years ago from North Shields, UK

      Voted up AND across the board too. This is so thoughtfully and beautifully expressed. It's how I've felt so many times when I was a younger woman. not so much now - I couldn't care less what people say or think any more!

    • Vinaya Ghimire profile image

      Vinaya Ghimire 5 years ago from Nepal

      Though the imagery is little dark, expressions little sad, you writer beautifully.

      I hope to read more poems some day.

    • DarkMuse13 profile image

      Christine Buenemann 5 years ago from Saint Louis, Mo

      Thank you for the comments and for reading. It's just how I feel sometimes when it seems no one cares about me.

    • jhamann profile image

      Jamie Lee Hamann 5 years ago from Reno NV

      Thank you for sharing this poem. Jamie

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      No words of wisdom from me I'm afraid; it took me too many years to get my act together to be suggesting anything to anybody. I do know I like your work and your passion and look forward to seeing more of it.

    • Capedium profile image

      Capedium 5 years ago from Texas.

      I want to commend you for sharing your thought.. Sometimes we all do, so let me assure you, you not alone in this.. But at the same time, want you to know that no matter what people think to know or believe is true about you doesn't mean a thing.. In life, hearing people talk is one of the things we can never avoid, but there is something we could do and none of that will matter.. That's focusing on who we are and what we believe.. Tomorrow is too much of an adventure for us, we can't afford to waist time and strength we don't have listen and tearing ourselves apart with irrelevant thought.. Who are you... As long as you no who you are.. That is all that matter.. Am I making any sense at all. I guess what am trying to say is that.. You shouldn't let that border you.