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In a Flashing Moment

Updated on September 3, 2012

It was in a flashing moment

when my eyes turned slowly towards you

I saw a gleaming answer to the question

that exists

Again in fleeting silence

in a stark and loveless marriage

when you asked me what I thought

we had become

"More than this",

I whimpered and cowered

like a flimsy paper napkin

torn in pieces, crumpled

spit from your beard upon the floor

Still your eyes are begging to me

asking, searching, wanting answers

I am waiting for the question

to be asked so I can speak

yes it's true, your thoughts are in me

as they've been from the beginning

never changing, ever stronger

in the middle without end

and my eyes are flirty star lights

and my mouth a berry flower

red with wine and drunken kisses

saved in private just for you

and I call you

and you hear me

and I scream out

and you're here

and your shadow

pierces through me

and it lifts me ever nearer

It was in a flashing moment

when you held me

and you kissed me

and my body lost all notion

of who I really was

and I felt you in the darkness

when you called me

when you whispered

I still feel you

no matter where you are

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