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Inane Episode 59

Updated on June 19, 2013

Well, then. Yes, that is a hole in the ground from which can be drawn then. If this was in any way unclear, let it now be clarified in the same sense that clouds in the troposphere deny digital wrist watches the right to do their own laundry.

As an opening paragraph to an inane hub, the idea of counting to an uneven number by using all of the letters of the months of the days of the years of the century, deranged helicopter pads made terrible writing pads. To have done otherwise would have been to slip, as a chainsaw often does when cutting barbecue sauce, to the left by only the slightest of kilometers. If blowing one's nose helps in having the nose blown, people would do this about as often as they would need to, except for on that day between Tuesday and Jeopardy. Asking a question as a response gives the wrong temperature.

When Mexico sells Quaker Oats to fledgling marsupials, the price of egg whites increases by the same amount a Toyoto Corolla Dung Salesman naps when the pump is primed. The least invasive of all methods.

Using a wrench to tighten an ice skate lace is an awesome way of typing with three of your left fingers and two of your wrong ones. How one defines fingers as being wrong is left up to the reader. If you hadn't noticed an incomplete sentence in the previous paragraph, I would draw your attention to it except that I've totally lost the interest in verifying that all of you who wear shoes that match, have matching shoes.

The wildest dreams that are reminiscent of a spelling bee made up of only five letter words is the same as a blanket used by a chemistry set to evoke participation in sheep races. I should know.

The least pensive of all pensieves commands the same spiritual fragrance as the night time back door psychiatrist who only answers questions that begin with the letter six. That six is not a letter is only significant in the least broad of senses (like solar panels above 33 degrees north). Minding your own business serves two purposes: it reminds you about all of the items on your 'I wish I had done that' list.

The expectations that some people have with respect to the number of times they will win a gigantic lottery jackpot can occasionally be determined as unrealistic. All other times it can be considered with a touch of salt and pepper. An eraser that is used to shovel ice from the bridge of a person's nose ought to be soft enough to act as a parachute for an octogenarian pencil sharpener. A rice paddy that mimics a mime is much like a lamb that was silent. Ask Jodie about it. Or don't, as the case most likely is.

I have found through rigorous research that the best way to stand up is by doing everything possible to no longer be in a non-standing position.


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    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 3 years ago from the short journey

      So, I made myself read this because after seeing that you posted a comment on one of my older hubs I thought I would check your main page to see what you've been writing. I'm going to go have my daily dose of Chocolate now.


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