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Insanity: A Glimpse into a Dark Mind (Fiction) III

Updated on October 21, 2015

As Told by a Rookie Reporter (Part 3)

My first destination took me to the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in town. I chose a time when there would be no services. It would give me time to feel out whatever residual energy that might have remained. I walked up the center aisle and I could pick up on bits and pieces of Annie's energy but at the end of the aisle, I picked up on a surge of dark energy where Lee once stood as he laid claim to an innocent victim.

I can see her big, brown eyes just smiling upon a monster of a man. My vision totally shows a woman in love with a tall, dark, handsome man. She's completely unaware of the beast lurking beneath that facade of masculine beauty. Lee gives her a facsimile of a smile but it's really a smile of wicked triumph. The dark aura that surrounded him engulfs Annie, but she's completely unaware. I really want to just jump in and stop her from making a mistake but my vision is a vision of the past.

Oh, Annie.

I try to pull out of my vision but something stops me. Something unseen has me by the ankles and starts to climb up my legs. I struggle to escape the invisible hands that have me, chanting protection and banishing spells, but to no avail. It's when I start chanting to the Archangel, St. Michael, when a pair of strong hands grab my shoulders and pull me out of my vision. I'm looking into the face of a kindly, middle-aged man dressed in clerical clothing. His sky-blue eyes are full of concern.

A priest.

"Huh? What on earth...?"

"Come, my child."

I follow him in a daze. I'm a little weak and out of it after my struggle but, somehow, I manage to follow the priest and I notice that there's a huge tub--for the lack of a better word, mind you--of water. It's holy water. The old man gets in first and then leads me in. As soon as I go under, I feel the negative energy leave my body. I want to stay under for as long as possible. The holy water is soothing and welcoming. My muscles are relaxing and healing as they should. My shield is repairing itself as well. The priest pulls me up.

"Thank you."

"No need. I know when a soul is in trouble and they need help."

After drying off, I explain to the priest about my mission and of my encounter of something dark. As it turns out, this particular priest is well versed in demonology and helps people, like me, to ward off evil spirits. I can't believe my luck. This is an excellent place to start. I have a source to interview!

"Have you ever come into contact with a man named Lee Bryant?" I ask.

The priest gives me a careful look before he sighs and says yes, that he has come into contact with him. He had officiated Annie's wedding and upon first glance, the priest says, he had a negative reaction to Lee Bryant.

"His appearance was charming but beneath the mask, a beast lurked. I'm glad he's behind bars. A dangerous creature like him..."

"I met him in his prison cell. He is beyond saving."

"Yes. I'm afraid that is so."

The kindly priest, now known as Father Christopher, gives me some extra protection, such as another rosary and some holy water. He gives me a blessing and makes the sign of the cross on my forehead, using said holy water. My clarity has returned. The fogginess that clouded my mind and soul has lifted. I raise power to add extra protection and I'm set to go. Father Christopher promises to pray for me as I continue my journey. He knows just as well as I do...I'll definitely run into more evil. It's not a matter of if. It's a matter of when. I'll take all of the protection that I can.

"Bless you, child. Come again."

"I will."

I take my leave and prepare for the long journey ahead of me. However, I still have to visit the place where Annie had staged her death.


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