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Inspiration and Information for Christian Writers

Updated on July 13, 2011

There are Plenty of Fish Out There for Fishers of Men

And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make itplain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it .- Habakkuk 2:2 (KJV)

The Christian writer has a larger market available than previously thought by many Christians in the past. In fact, there are plenty of fish out there for Christian writers.

If God gave you the ability to communicate and convey ideas through the written word, use it to His glory and due justice to your craft by sharing it with potential readers throughout the world. Share what you write, maximizing social media and social networks as well as incorporating traditional methods for sharing your writing.

Get writing and get the word out about your writing. Use the written word in print and online to get your creative works out in front of a worldwide Christian audience. Make it your business as a Christian writer to publish and promote your writing online and off line.

Give the World a New Voice to Hear

Think of C.S. Lewis. He was a Christian writer who wrote fiction as well as Christian books like Mere Christianity . Many may know him by his fictional writing as a children's writer, but Lewis still stands out as a major voice in Christian circles for his ability to craft exceptional stories as well as draw insights from the Bible for the Christian believer.

You can have a voice like C.S. Lewis. Find your own voice. Do not seek to write in the same manner as your inspiration. Discover your own special and unique voice that allows your faith to come forth.

Some challenged Anne Rice when she shared her faith. Many Christians questioned Rice's vampire-rich literature and its macabre images. They found her work to be totally opposite of what her faith should produce. Should it really? Do we believe that Rice, a best-selling author with vampire-loving fans around the world, could not serve as a fisher of men like the other Christian writers? I believe that she could reach more by standing on her faith and beliefs than a writer who would not disclose his or her faith in order to remain popular.

Find your voice. Offer your voice to the world as a Christian writer. Let your words inspire people. Use your craft to reach people when you sign books, conduct public readings and launch book release parties. Share your faith when interviewed. Speak openly about it without Bible-blasting anyone when you do so.

Let the world hear your voice through your writing.

Get Inspired to Inspire Others

I suggest that you remain inspired daily. Don't get into a rut. Stay fresh and remain faithful. If don't already know it, writing is not easy and a lot of inspiration doesn't come and sit around awaiting you to seize it.

  • Read Daily: Read the Bible. Read Christian classics. Read the newspaper. Read Christian blogs. Visit writing sites and join forums or discussion groups. Read and learn.
  • Interact Daily: Interact with others. I say that the Christian who says that they only interact with other believers is either fooling themselves or they just haven't gone out much. Engage people when you buy groceries, get gas and simple come and go. Read the Gospel of Mark and see how Jesus mastered such an interactive and engaging lifestyle with all kinds of folks.
  • Write Daily: Write what comes to mind and enters your heart. Write consistently. You may not write out a full article, poem or song every single day, but capture the ideas and notes that come to mind. Keep a journal or notebook full of ideas and thoughts that need to be jotted down. Use your iPhone or Android smart phone to keep track of new story ideas, too.


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      TSAD 6 years ago from https:// online/ hubpages. html

      ummm Great hub, inspiring, but shouldn't the title be There are plenty of men out there for fishers of men? What do fisher's of men want with fish? Just kidding I get your point. Up and useful.