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Inspirational Steps to Abundance

Updated on March 28, 2012


Make a list of what you desire

Write your desires down not wants or needs inside of a journal. Listing your wants and needs would inply a lack of something. Where abundance is plenty of something. Thinking, saying and writing "I desire [this] or something even better now manifesting for the good of all concerned," will create greater possibilities in your life. Your desires should be different than you wants or needs. The needs of someone depends on many factors. But the wants of someone can be many. Always be true to your intentions and create bountiful aspirations as you align yourself by being in harmony with your intentions, which is responsible for all creations.

Remember a situation of abundance

When you start to wallow in a bad memory or engage in awful thinking, bring up a contrasting memory where you felt beautiful, wonderful, accomplished, affluent, confident, motivated or any state of desire you feel. You may find yourself feeling happy, joyful, excited and loving because you are in a positive mood. Focus on what you intend on attracting in your life.

Align yourself with your passions

By moving forward and taking small steps towards your passion or goals, you will feel clearer, and more energetic to opening pathways to progress. God has plans for you and a deep desire for you to flourish in life. Seize every opportunity to live on purpose other than for your own gratification. Align your purpose with the universal field and ignore what anyone tells you about your passions. The field of intent is willing to work with you. Act like your living the life that you would like to live and treat hurdles as reminders.

Look forward

Make a list of your most cherished dreams and immediate intentions. In fact, take some pictures from past happy moments and cut out photos from magazines that represent all the good things you desire in life. Paste these photos inside a journal or better yet paste them to a poster board as you refer to them while reflecting on past moments. Be cognizant of your thoughts and be creative, kind, loving, expanding and receptive. Be aware of your inner speech, the energy system, and your self importance or ego.

Continually streamline your life

As you go through life, let go of situations that hold you back. Don't hold on to clutter that does not support your aspirations. No matter how small or insignificant your situation may be, there is always room for streamlining your life. Constantly clear all spaces surrounding you so that new joys and possibilities can come into your life. What's the old adage, spring cleaning brings a new day with new hope.

Spend time with positive people

Don't hang around negative people. Don't believe naysayers. Stay away from NIOPs, which means people who adhere to the Negative Influence of Other People. NIOPs try to bring others down to their level of negative thinking. These NIOPs are everywhere! As you work to overcome your own limiting beliefs, when talking with negative people change the conversation to a positive topic. There is no need to listen to a naysayer or believe anyone's self limiting negativity. If you see that changing the topic of conversations does not work, excuse yourself and politely walk a way. Socialize with non self limiting individuals and interact with positive minded people.

Carefully select news sources

Listen to only credible news sources and read thoughtful and responsible journalism. Don't waste your time with most TV news, as you will avoid wasting time on many news stories that have negative feelings and harmful psychological effects. Every time you want to know what's happening in the world around you, limit your time spent on frivolous nonsense you hear on the radio, TV, or receive in the junk mail of your mailbox. You will pat yourself on the back for it. By setting time limits, you ensure that any negative feedback from sources other than credible news will be eliminated altogether.

Have a "Attitude of Gratitude"

Always count your blessings everyday. Think of all the good you have in your life. Remember to say thank you throughout the day. At least more than once. Contemplate the areas in your life that are working well and apply those skills to other areas in your life that you would like to improve. Stay in a state of gratitude. Thank God for everything, failures, accomplishments, losses, wins, etc. Have an "attitude of gratitude" everyday and see your inspirations blossom! It is in the individuals attitude that makes all the difference.

Show gratitude

You should always thank others frequently with expressive emails, thank you cards, gestures of encouragement and enthusiasm, smiles, and helpfulness. Folks will remember the kind and compassionate person that is good mannered. Especially during these hard times when people seem to be a bit on edge. Show gratitude even for the smallest things you have in life. An ounce of gratitude goes a long way. Be grateful to everyone who comes into your life and for the relationships you have experienced. Truly be grateful for whatever obstacles that come your way and for the good as well as the bad you must embrace. No matter what happens, always share your gratitude with others.


As you answer the phone, put a smile on your face so that it shows in your voice! Even if it is for a short while, welcome people into your life as a heartfelt gesture. Let them feel the warmth that you exude. When you catch yourself frustated and frowning while concentrating on a task, take a break and pull yourself together by lifting up your head and smiling. Always smile no matter what the situation looks like so that others will follow your example. Let smiling be contagious for everyone.

Inspirational Prayer
Inspirational Prayer
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Inspirational Quote
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Wall Art of Inspiration
Nature of Abundance
Nature of Abundance


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    • AtlasSue profile image

      AtlasSue 5 years ago

      Thank you for the wonderful advice. I couldn't agree more on the need to surround ourselves with positive people, and to always be grateful for all of the things we have in life.

    • Marla Rose profile image

      Marla Rose 5 years ago from Aventura, Florida

      I am truly happy that you were inspired by this hub. I go back and read it periodically myself when I need a little inspiration lift. Believe me, it works wonders! This article is a great tool to have around when you are feeling low, unhappy, depressed, or negative. I am glad that you shared this hub with family and friends. Thanks for your sincere comments.

    • Marla Rose profile image

      Marla Rose 5 years ago from Aventura, Florida

      Hi Seeker 7. I am very glad that you like this hub and that it has helped you to be a bit more inspired. It seems these days that is what we all need. To be inspired and motivated. I agree with you 100 percent. You need to be able to unwind and relax from a hard days work or from other pressing issues going on in today's world. I really appreciate your comments about this hub. Thank you. May your spirit be moved by your aspirations. Have a wonderful inspirational journey!

    • Seeker7 profile image

      Helen Murphy Howell 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland

      This is a wonderful and awesome hub - I also loved the video! Just what I needed right now was a bit of inspiration, motivation but with relaxation - if this makes sense? I'v bookmarked this hub as it's a great source for lifting the spirit and hopes. Have also shared this with my family and friends.

      Voted up + awesome + shared!