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Inspired 4 U is a Writer first and a Publisher Too

Updated on March 2, 2015

Inspired 4 U Ministries, LLC is the proud parent of Inspired 4 U Publications, which was birthed on January 12, 2014 with the release of “How to Self-Publish in Excellence within 10-Days: A step-by-step guide to self-publishing via CreateSpace.” Likewise as of October 9, 2014, Inspired 4 U Publications has also given birth to four personal book babies by Founder/CEO Jo Anne Meekins, author of six books to date; and one book baby by client Malik “Word Bird” Canty, author of “Tears For My Ancestors.”

Additional Titles

Additional titles published through Inspired 4 U Publications are contained in the recently released “Living a Vocal, Valued and Victorious Life” 3-volume series as follows:

  1. How To Uncover, Heal & Release Painful Life Experiences
  2. How to Press Forward & Shift to a Higher Level
  3. How To Know God Better & Love Yourself More

The Living a Vocal, Valued and Victorious Life series is the Signature Collection of Inspired 4 U Ministries' products, Inspired 4 U Publications' releases, and the heart of Founder, Speaker, Coach and Author Jo Anne Meekins. Each volume includes practical tips, tools and techniques that are effectively proven through the illustration of life experiences transparently shared and demonstrated by the author. Increased healing, transformational shifts, spiritual understanding and intimacy, and self-value are available through the application of information contained within the pages of these books.

Publishing Package for $650

  • Formatting of pre-edited manuscript into preferred book size for publication (Manuscript must be submitted as a Word Document via email)
  • Internet set-up of self-publishing account and project summary to include client’s pre-written Book Description, Title, Bio, Keyword Tags, and Category that will display on online distribution websites; Editing and recommendations as needed
  • Inspired 4 U Publications ISBN or use of your own if already purchased
  • Creation of book cover from selected available templates or formatting of your own
  • Expanded distribution makes books available on, Amazon European websites, the publishing eStore detail sales page, online and offline bookstores and retailers, and certified resellers.
  • One (1) Paperback Proof Copy
  • Two (2) Digital Proof Copies- first proof and final proof if any edits are necessary
  • One re-formatting edit if necessary after paperback proof is received
  • Seven copies of published book
  • Free 30-minute coaching on self-publishing process and account management
  • Downloadable copy of How to Self-Publish in Excellence within 10-Days

NOTE: Pricing and Package are subject change

About Inspired 4 U Ministries

Inspired 4 U Ministries, LLC and its imprint Inspired 4 U Publications was founded by CEO Jo Anne Meekins (Faith-Based Speaker, Christian Writer, Author, Publisher, Self-Publishing & Spiritual Life Coach) to provide inspirational products, services, and information that:

  • Inspire Hope
  • Strengthen Faith
  • Increase Self-Awareness

To create services, books, articles, videos, CDs, DVDs... that facilitate healing, growth and transformation; and that are especially beneficial and in alignment with the following goals:

  • Empower Women to speak their truth out loud, value themselves, and BE victorious over unfavorable circumstances and situations;
  • Assist Writers in publishing projects in excellence;
  • Support Speakers & Coaches in creating products, documents, and promotional materials to enhance their brand.

Also checkout Inspired 4 U Blog and Right Now Inspiration Newsletter.

Be Blessed, One Love,

Jo Anne Meekins
Inspired 4 U


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    • Inspired 4 U profile image

      Jo Anne Meekins 3 years ago from Queens, NY

      Thank you for that testimonial Poetic "Word Bird" aka Malik Canty! It was a pleasure working with you and your content.

      Be blessed and continue the word flow...

    • Poetic Word Bird profile image

      Malik S Canty 3 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      If a publisher of high standards and quality is what you seek, I highly recommend others to your publications and your books...God smiles at you and your gifts too...