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Invisable man

Updated on December 8, 2010

 I walk amoung,

the normal crowd.

But I must be hidden,

in a concealing shroud.

People pass by and,

dont bother to see.

that inside this body,

there is a soul to set free.

Sure I might be rough,

around the edges.

But i might as well,

be hiding in the sedges.

Inside there is waiting,

a person to explore.

All my life I have thought,

there has got to be more.

When people pass by,

and dont even look.

Makes me feel like a cover,

of an underrated book.

Without a quick hello,

or "hi what's your name".

I wonder... is it me,

or is society to blame.

It really doesnt take much,

to make a new friend.

But in the long run it seems,

I will be alone once again.

Some people seem to be,

able to meet people so easy.

They look casual and smile,

comes so natural its eerie.

So what is to become,

of that invisable man.

Way upstairs god must,

have an imaculate plan.

Because to be left alone,

for so many years.

The only reasponse is,

for a person to come to tears.

For one day people will see,

that under this heavy scruff.

The actual person inside,

is'nt actaully that tough.


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    • profile image

      amywidmark 7 years ago

      wow Baz...beautiful and so true for many people (me included)..ur awesome and dont forget it!

    • Disturbia profile image

      Disturbia 7 years ago

      I like this one very much.

    • profile image

      daddio 7 years ago

      Nicely done, son; seems that you have yet another talent on your ever-growing list of "gifts". Keep polishing the skills, son!!

    • profile image

      ann 7 years ago

      wonderful and very true. it isnt fun being alone.

    • screwevery1 profile image

      screwevery1 7 years ago

      thanks Dean.... this one is the only one so far that i sat down and said im gonna write something....but my score is going up bit by bit... its just really helping my mental health to get some of the feelings out ...

    • cheaptrick profile image

      cheaptrick 7 years ago from the bridge of sighs

      Hello S.You deserve a Much better hub score and rank for this one.I felt you in every word.Great job.


    • screwevery1 profile image

      screwevery1 7 years ago

      Thank you.... I am glad that you enjoyed it.

    • nighthag profile image

      K.A.E Grove 7 years ago from Australia

      beautifully written this brought tears to my eyes, the pain behind this poem resonated with me on a few levels...thank you for sharing something so personal