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Is an effective writer born or made?

Updated on November 9, 2014

"Writing is in my blood.I was born a writer - it runs in the family.I started writing while I was still in my mother's womb," said my friend Joshua, while we were drinking Bacardi and coke.

"Don't be silly, Josh," I teased him, "you can't start writing whilst you were still in your mother's womb."

This is just a tip of the iceberg.There are many people out there who think the same like my friend Joshua that they were born writers and they started writing when they were still in their mothers wombs.If I may ask a question: Where there punctuation marks to follow in the mother's womb? Was there any proofreading, and editing done in the mother's womb? The voice of reasoning is saying no,there wasn't any. It sounds a blow to all those writers who claim to have started writing when they were still in the wombs.

The reality is that most people are born with innate capabilities of being effective writers.If these innate capabilities to write well are not nurtured when an individual is out of the mother's womb the ability to be an effective writer dies a natural death.True writers are taught how to write effectively rather than born writers.When an individual is born,that individual doesn't know anything about writing.The potential of any individual writer can only be noticed after one has been taught how to write effectively.Hence a writer is made not born.

There are many ways to prove that a writer is taught how to become an effective writer. Under going a creative writing course is a clear indicator that in order for one to put words together and form coherent sentences and eventually comprehendible and enjoyable stories one has to undergo training. A writer is taught the nuts and bolts of the trade. Such as being a good listener and a willing observer. Keeping a writer's note book is one way of learning how to write well.

This note book or diary enables the writer to record any dreams or any events of interests which the writer may dwell upon in future to write poems, stories, novels and articles.It is a must have note book when one is learning how to write effectively.A commonplace book is also essential to a man made writer.This booklet or folder may contain photos,newspaper cuttings and even flyers which forms the resource base for the writer to use in future.This boils down to the point that a writer is made not born.

When one writes, the individual has to follow certain house style rules on spellings,guidelines on hyphenation, capitalization,layout and forms of punctuation preferred by the publisher. Suppose one is writing for UK publishers,they prefer single quotes.Whereas American publishers prefer double quotes.UK and US spellings somehow differ at times.Examples: grey/gray and honor/honour.The point I am driving home is that if a writer is born not in a million years will that writer ever know these rules.

Effective writers are taught the bolts and nuts of the trade.How to write a punchy introduction is a skill which only can be acquired after trial and error? It is not an in born skill.How to pitch and pace a story can only be mastered after being taught how to do it? How to write believable dialogue and characterization are skills learned in this world not in the mother's womb? How to write a proposal, a plot outline and treatment of a story are skills obtainable in this life not in the womb.

Keeping a diary and a log book are skills taught not in born skills.I truly believe that a sharpened sword is an effective sword than a blunt sword.Whilst there are still a handful of writers out there who claim to have the divine power of being born writers.I still believe that in order to know the bolts and nuts of the trade of writing,writers need some form of training in creative writing.Training on how to write effectively is the key for a prosperous future as writers.Enrolling for a course in writing can make us polished wordsmiths.Better late than never.

Indeed with some form of training coupled by in born capabilities to write well, the future of writers is gloomy.No matter how gifted a writer might be getting to know the bolts and nuts of the trade through training is the key to success.A writer is made not born.


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