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Is this what you're really like?

Updated on July 4, 2011

Is this what you're really like?

I put out my first hub almost nine months ago, and have now completed just over sixty. I have never written much before and since starting i have been increasingly wondering if my personality is really like the hubs i put out, or is there not much connection at all.

Before when i would read something, whether it was a book, magazine, newspaper or things on the internet i would probably just think about if i enjoyed them or not and want them to be interesting for me. Now, though i probably think more of the person writing these things and wondering did they really capture what they wanted to say, and did their character come through at any point during their writing.

When i read back some of the hubs i have written a while ago sometimes i am surprised by them. Not particularly by what i've written, but by the tone in them. Sometimes i have wanted something to appear as funny and depending on how someone reads it they could see it as a bit serious. Other times i am trying to be serious but left thinking does that really come across as sarcasm. I suppose the main point here is to try and become a better writer so that there is no doubt as to what i was meaning, or implying. People reading would just know. Not being able to see somebodys reactions face to face is a problem. If i could see the face of someone i was talking to then i could tell if they got my humour or i could emphasise some points, but obviously on the page it is difficult to tell what somebody will think about it.

While i was thinking along these lines i got to thinking about the actual person behind the writing. In this case writing their hubs. When i read hubs by people i tend to wonder what they are actually like. Does the person who writes great anecdotes and short stories have a real gift of the gab in actual life situations or is it saved for the page? Does the guy who writes funny stuff think of it all himself and he is a natural comedian or does he overhear a lot of it?Does the woman who uses lots of big, impressive words during her hubs use them in conversation or spend hours searching through the dictionary every time she is writing something. I can also be curious about the way the person acts and talks. With some writers i can't help but think that they must be a very fast talker just going with their writing style. Others give me a strong impression of being very proper and polite. I guess i would never know whether these impressions are true or not.

So now, since starting on hubpages i am a bit more curious about what makes a writer tick. What makes them write that particular way, and how close is their writing style to their personality. I find i do this now with people on here as well as elsewhere. What about yourself? Do you think that your writing style is similar to your personality? Do you also have an idea, rightly or wrongly, what a person is like just from their writing?


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    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

      Great hub Michael and here's to many more to share.

      Take care


    • CheyenneAutumn profile image

      CheyenneAutumn 6 years ago

      Michael, my friend, I so understand what you are saying here. I too have read and wondered about the person behind the font. I have found in both the reading and the writing that it very much depends on where my own mind is at the time, although I have to say I try, when writing something, to say things as I would if I sat and talked to you face to face. It is my sincere hope when posting anything that you can hear me - the real me - coming through as it would over a cup of tea or a stroll over the countryside. I do so enjoy your thoughts here, Please, Please don't stop sharing. I truly believe I can see a person within thier stories, and am really glad to share this format with you!