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Isabelle's Tale

Updated on November 3, 2017

Lost at sea

Edited November 2017!

The mist crept into his lungs. The salty ocean brine had long since soaked his rain coat. He simply wished to be home in Isabelle’s arms.

It had been more than a year since they had parted ways. Liam longed to embrace her touch. Work had called him away and for a greater fortune- and loss of personal pride- Liam sailed away willingly. Isabelle had encouraged him. It had only seemed right for him to leave and make his own way. They would always have each other when he returned.

How they had wept in the days before his departure. It did not take tears to display their melancholy. Their eyes and expressions mirrored the feeling shared. It had been hard to accept the fact they would not hold one another. The day he left his home had been bright and sunny.

Isabelle met him and bid him fair well. Silent tears fell down their faces as the final call sounded.

Now, on a stormy nights return, Liam braved the deck of the vessel they were sailing on. The crew had retired and gone to the bunk house. In his desperation, Liam felt the need to visit the captain’s nest to investigate their course. The waves swelled against the ship as he held on to the rigging. In the distance, the odd crew member was scurrying around on their night shift; running about the deck strapping things that had flown loose.

There was an odd desperation Liam felt he shared with this storm. It wanted to stop their path, and he wanted to be done with this journey.

He wrenched the captains nest open. The wind had been holding the door shut but once a negative draft caught the room, the door swung wildly at the storms grip. Liam hauled it shut making sure to latch it. Opening the door to the navigation room, he saw the captain standing at the helm with his second mate faithfully sending messages to the engine and rooms below.

“Hey, Turner- Why are you in here? Get some shut eye with the rest of the crew. This storm is bad enough. I don’t want to have a missing body on my hands to boot.” The captain gave Liam a glare. Otherwise he didn’t say much.

It seemed the captain and his second mates were busy enough trying to tend with the storm their poor cruiser was trying to manage.

Liam steadied himself against the wall of the navigation room as the vessel took a lurch.

“Jesus Will. I think we made it over the crest eh?” The captain slapped his colleague on the shoulder while maintaining a tight grasp on the wheel. “Okay tell the boys to back off a little bit. There’s another swell on the way that might dwarf the last few. We’re gone’ah try and dance with the sucker if we can.”

The boat tossed with debris scattering the ocean’s surface. The rain had subsided into a drizzle that sparkled through the oily flames leaking from the capsized craft.

Liam was huddled in a life raft. The men of the ship had all perished. It now seemed to be only he that remained of the ocean vessels crew.

He doubted there was hope in his survival. With the crew being lost, the sea would surely have its way and keep him from reaching his Isabelle. He looked up at the cloudy night sky. The raft tossed in the waves. The colossal boars that had rocked their ship into oblivion had long since vanished. Liam was left with the drizzle and memories to guide him to his end.

He thought of Isabelle’s face.

Her eyes seemed perfect.

There was not another way to put it. All of her was perfect, but, especially her eyes. They held warmth, ranging from chestnut to deep brown within the center irises. Liam longed to be lost in the sea her eyes and arms and lips could provide.

Isabelle ran her hand along the Ivory pendant Liam had given to her before leaving. It was meant to be a reminder and promise of his return. She was unsure if she would keep it or toss it into a fire. A tear crept from her eyes as she looked at the plot where the memory of her love, Liam, was held.

It had been so long since they had been close, held each other, embraced each other, felt each other. Now it seemed they would never hold the chance again. In recent dreams Isabelle would search for Liam only to find him cold and alone, she supposed this meant she hadn’t truly found him, and never would.

The funeral had been brief. Liam hadn’t notified family of his plans for travel and didn’t want them to know of his demise, or so it said in his last will and testament. Isabelle had simply stood while a small group of friends gathered around an empty grave.

She wasn’t entirely sure who had planned it. The past few days had been a blur mixed into her dreams. She felt as lonely as Liam seemed in her sleep.

Now she was truly alone. No one stood beside her as she looked down at Liam’s mark on the earth.

She closed her eyes and held the pendant tightly in her hand. She could imagine Liam’s hand holding her face. He was looking into her eyes. She wanted to be lost with her eyes closed forever.

Isabelle knew it was up to her, and his memory, to move on. He wouldn’t want her to suffer, and feel lost, on his account. She needed to let him go. Tears now streamed from under Isabelle’s closed eye lids. She wanted so desperately to cry out in the absurdity of her situation. Within her a burning cramp had begun to twist her stomach into knots. It almost made her double over in agony from the pain she felt. There was no way she could see moving on from such a shock. Her life had been torn out and burned when she heard the news of her lost love.

Liam was floating. He had long since died. He was sure of this.

It wasn’t too long, but long enough that people would have mourned and buried him.

He felt strange. It was as if he were lighter than her had ever been in his life. He thought back to when he had been a child. Then he had held an over active excitement. Full of energy and ready to explode.

Now he simply felt light.

He was also floating in nothingness. This didn’t worry him though.

Suddenly a flash of memory crept into Liam’s inner vision. It was of him and Isabelle. They were tightly entwined and asleep comfortably in each other’s arms. They had fallen asleep facing each other. The memory was melting within Liam’s vision. Soon their faces were meshing together and the image was fading. He was again floating in nothingness.

Now he could see an orb had leaked from him. It scared him slightly. It felt like that orb was a part of him.

Another image within his inner vision flashed before Liam. Now he and Isabelle were walking hand in hand. They stopped at a display and laughed together. Again this image faded and meshed into itself. Their arms had melted into one creating a bond.

He flashed back into nothingness. A second orb had joined the first. He was beginning to feel a sense of despair in his glimpse of memories. It seemed he was losing them.

Liam reached for the orbs as another image came into focus. Isabelle was reading a book while he napped. Her hand was resting on his arm while the other turned pages. They looked comfortable and happy.

Nothingness engulfed the image again. Liam could see these orbs floating away from him. In terror he began to scramble as the orbs floated farther and farther away from him. A sense of despair and urgency had over taken Liam as he frantically lunged into nothingness at his lost orbs.


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