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Island Vibes

Updated on September 5, 2016
Gina Welds-Hulse profile image

Student of life, lifelong learner, mother, writer, artist, poet, dancer, musician, and martial artist ... passionate about all of these.

Jerk kabobs on the grill
Jerk kabobs on the grill | Source
Meat patties
Meat patties | Source
This conch salad is a favorite every year at this festival.
This conch salad is a favorite every year at this festival. | Source

Are you ready to party?

We are from the Caribbean!

We know how to throw a party!

The familiar sounds of steel drums waver through the air.

The aromas of curry and jerk sauce tickle my nostrils,

Teasing me onward to the origin of the divine scents.

Are you ready to party?

This seems to be the message being sent today.

A symphony of celebratory sound and smells

I love my country.

I love my culture.

I love my soca and calypso and reggae

I love carnival.

The music intoxicates me.

Deliciousness fills the air.

Love is the atmosphere.

A common love for the Caribbean culture, its music and its food.

The food feeds my body and my soul.


With hot roti and roasted corn

Roasted breadfruit

Ackee and saltfish,


Coconut water

Conch salad with the blended flavors of sweet pepper, onions, garlic, lemon juice

Tropical drinks served in pineapple or coconut mugs

Colors show up in the strangest places
Colors show up in the strangest places

Warm winds

Flags of different countries represent, gently blowing in the wind.

Warm winds blowing on my face.

So, Gentle was the breeze.

"Lord have mercy,"

"Whats happening to me?"

My heart was filled with such glee,

As sunshine, beamed down on me.


Color and Culture represented

Emblems of Bob Marley were not in short supply.
Emblems of Bob Marley were not in short supply. | Source

Dreadlocks, crowned as royalty

Dreadlocks, crowned as royalty

Dreadlocks fluttering behind like streamers.

Symbols of non-conformity for some,

And to some a sign of spiritual royalty.

To others, a sign of strength.

While yet to others, a political statement.


Vibrant colors, red, yellow and green, emanating from clothing, the food and the landscape.

Flowers decorated the scenery, the environment.

The smell of the breeze from the nearby river is so captivating.

The sound of the seagulls sing overhead as if in response to the rhythmic beats of the music below.

Just captivating.

Feeling Hot Hot Hot! The ultimate summer soca song.

Infectious rhythms of the Calypso sounds

I could hear Sweet Reggae music play.

Everyone was dancing from soca, pop, to R&B.

The rhythmic sounds all around, just one big party.

The drums and soca play until everyone is feelin' hot! hot! hot!

Blame it on the music!

Just blame it on the music.

Bring the love!

Bring the heat!

Hips and arms sway to the beat.

Hearts melt in the heat as the soca music plays.

Sway and flow! Dip down low!

My body was made to sway and flow.

My body was made to dip low and reach high.

My body was made to move to the rhythms of the universe.

My heart was made to beat to the rhythms of the Caribbean sounds.


Watch me dancing and rolling my hips to the beat.

Listen to the beating of my heart.

It matches the wings beating in the air.

It beats to the rhythms of the crashing waves.

Feel the beat.

Listen to the smooth melodies of the calypso beat.

Feel the vibe and let your bodies move with spontaneous expression.

It will make you complete

And engulf you alive.

Have you ever been to a Caribbean Festival?

Have you ever been to a Caribbean Festival?

See results

© 2016 Gina Welds


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