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Eyes are everywhere watching out for you

Updated on December 20, 2010

A Dark Night

just passed a corner, Dark and Drear

No one Near.

shapes and shadows form into possible monsters or crooks

a Carved Pumpkin, the eyes move, following her round the yard

Feeling another set of lights upon her, she looks up from the gourd to

she gasps, swallows some spit , staring out at her is a Creature, all she sees are glowing eyes, and then she is forced back by her fear. 

Turn away here. Stop looking. About to pass by here -

Is anyplace free from watching Eyes?

Calm down, look - Look Up

Oh - The Moon has her Eye on me


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Byrd - "You will feed me pizza, and watered down juice..."Jack - 0 - Lantern is watching you come up the path...Trick Or Treat? (or shoes?)Zee Moon, She has the Eye on you!A little being lives on my desk, The Eyes!
Byrd - "You will feed me pizza, and watered down juice..."
Byrd - "You will feed me pizza, and watered down juice..." | Source
Jack - 0 - Lantern is watching you come up the path...
Jack - 0 - Lantern is watching you come up the path... | Source
Trick Or Treat? (or shoes?)
Trick Or Treat? (or shoes?) | Source
Zee Moon, She has the Eye on you!
Zee Moon, She has the Eye on you! | Source
A little being lives on my desk, The Eyes!
A little being lives on my desk, The Eyes! | Source

Eye on you

A frequent visitor or family member knows that by coming into the yard via the street, they would be taking the small dirt foot path, a brown dirt lane wide enough for a small wagon, but lined with roots from the ivy. The brown path, walked within the ivy grown yard, leads to the side door, which has by default, become the front door.

The house, tan with dark brown trim, has been repainted year after year, the same color, with the same Behr Paint, until the house could probably take a nuclear blast. A Tsunami cover it, it would come out dry and in one piece. The simplicity of the sameness left the Silvanus family a solitude they craved.

The 60 year old Holly Bushes live wild and out of control. They cover the few, and tiny windows. Although they could use a little extra light in the house, they prefer the feeling of security and safety the tall and spike leaved bush gives. No one in their right mind would tangle with those bad boys. They have had a long time to get used to the taste of blood.

Behind the house, the garage door is eternally off kilter, it is one of the old ones made in the 1950's that took a crane to unload from the truck. If that door ever falls, it will squash whatever it hits. The company who sold the door, took a lot of time and effort to make sure it stays up. As the years passed Arcloth trusted the door, springs and brackets less and less. The garage coupled with the two windows from the tack room, and small apartment above the garage made a giant face with a rectangular chocolate grin.


  • Arcloth Silvanus is the matriarch of the family. At one time, they were called gypsy, but that was long ago.
  • Luinn Silvanus, is Arcloth's son.
  • Mavie Jo Sampson is the daughter of Craig Sampson.
  • Craig is Arcloth's brother.

They are all residents of this home. Part of the family live under the roof in this ramshackle house, while some find it more comfortable to be away..

Craig is listed as a legal resident, but he craves the solace of booze and smack over home and family. He faithfully shows up on the 3rd of each month to pick up his check. He calls it his monthly shower, shit and shave. He washes, drys and rolls his meager load of clothes, and puts them back in his backpack. He never says good-bye, just fades off into the yard and is Out!

Mavie Jo's Uncle Luinn, works in the Construction Industry. He has a travel trailer and goes all over. He stays gone most of the time. Luinn is a good son, he sends a respectful amount of money home to Arcloth. Luinn also helps take care of Mavie, Craig and the home complex.

Mavie Jo's Mother's whereabouts remains a mystery and no one discusses it . Mavie Jo has only her Father Craig's features unless her mother was his twin, she has his olive coloring, dark and curly hair. The eyes so brown they appear black. Same nose as he and the entire Silvanus Family. Arcloth has the same features, except her long, and gorgeous hair turned white in 1982. There are strands of black and grey, but it is mostly white.

All Hallows Eve

Mavie Jo had waited for this night f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Since September , she could not wait to be scared and delighted! This was her favorite time of year, and her favorite holiday. Her costume, a hauntingly pale grey vampire, with an ankle length dress of satin and velvet. Itcomes with shoes hand tooled in Italy, circa 1800's. This style of old boots, must be 'hooked' up.

Mavie Jo is as caught up in the Edward and Bella romance as the rest of America. She was reading Charlaine Harris books before Edward came on the scene, and being a vampire was cool.Tonight, she is wearing custom wooden fangs lovingly carved and painted long ago. They fit her mouth perfectly and look real. She has fake blood.

All she can think about is tonight and her journey for candy and other treats. She scarcely hears a word her Aunt Arcloth is saying. .She heads to the familiar neighbors. A Trick or Treat bag in one hand, and flashlight in the other.

Mavie moves purposely down the front step, from the side door to the path, then out the front gate. With just a bare bulb hanging dangerously on the edge of the wooden screen door frame. Their house is tucked in at a funny angle

The old Woman warned, Mavie Jo, "You may go out tonight, but Remember, you will only be protected as long as you do not look into anyone's eyes!" There is grave danger. Tonight, is not just any night. Tonight, their eyes hold special power. Arcloth, warned once again, "Don't look into their eyes?"

Her Aunt yells, "Be Careful." "Tonight is the Hallowest of Eves". "It is the Darkest Holiday since before Stonehenge. Arcloth is well versed in Astronomy, Astrology and is said to feel the beats and rhythm of the Earth. She has gifts that stay hidden behind her strange blindness. Not one for laughing out loud, she does crack a grin. She slightly cracks the green-grey theater paint she has on with her Dark Angel costume.

Her Rheumy eyes wander after her foolish niece Mavie . She knows that girl only has candy on the brain. Arcloth turns and heads back into the alcove. She checks the candy bowl level with her hand, as she cannot make a good estimate of the candy amount by sight. Arcloth wa s blinded at 4 years old, but has descriptions of things she could never have seen before. She can see images in her head of what is around her. She has such extraordinary abilities, that most everyone forgets she is sightless.

Candy, candy, candy...

As Mavie Jo had caught all of her thoughts up, she realized that during her consternations, she walked up or down a street or two without paying attention. What made her really take notice was that there were only two houses left on this dead end street.

One has a bleak orange light, a large note duct taped to his brick doorway. The sign has a down arrow pointing to a full bowl of candy. The sign says, Take as many as you dare. Watch that You do not let Greed get the Worms of you... Worms! How stupid!

(Continued Below ↓↓)

The Candy Bowl and Greed Warning Sign!
The Candy Bowl and Greed Warning Sign! | Source

Grabbing, greed, tricks, treats, mysteries too

(Continued from Above ↑↑)

Take as many as you dare! Watch that You do not let Greed get the Worms of you...Worms! How stupid! Mavie Jo felt vindicated. There were no other kids around. Here was all of this candy. Mavie lost track of time, but kept thinking how stupid the maker of the sign is.

The sign says Worms!, oh!. As she reached her had deep into the bowl, her fingers met with long squishy 'worms'. How gruesome but fun. The person left gummy worms as a joke. it also felt like soil. "They really wanted it to seem real, salamanders and earthworms" Eek! They are real. I will take all of this candy!"


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HEADLIGHTS Pumpkin Eyes!
Pumpkin Eyes!
Pumpkin Eyes! | Source


Time was at hand, this Highest of Holidays would end within the next few hours. What was the outcome going to be? Turning the front - porch light off, Arcloth wished that silly Mavie would hurry and get home. There is no telling if she will be in early or not. There are only a few little children that venture to her door. This was fine. It would leave more Candy for Mavie Jo.

Arcloth feels a rise in anticipation. This High Holiday will bring Arcloth another 100 years ofStrong Powers, and good-standing in the Community, and of course the prolonged life. By the strength and energy of Greedy youth. Tonight's harvest was the most important. She felt successful. Tonight would determine her ranking in The Larken Mind & Magik workers.

Alcloth stands with the partially full Halloween Candy Bowl. She is seeing 'behind her eyelids' the layout of the room, from the alcove (but not with her eyes). The wooden floor planks are polished to a shine from years of foot traffic, and constant mopping and hand waxing.

The hallway is narrow. It is good that none of them are 'large people'. The hallway, continuing in plank wood floors, connects to two other hallways closed off by doors. She could have drawn an accurate picture of her home. She touches each surface and accompaniment lovingly thousands of times per week.

One door, full of fingerprints from days of use. (Arcloth could not see or distinguish the handprints. If she did, she would have cleaned them quickly and thoroughly with her famouswax and lemon oil), Upon opening the door to let the cats out, the scents of gasoline, and Lavender waft into the laundry room. Arcloth breathes deep. The wringer washer, and homemade soaps, share the garage with the old Willy's Jeep. These scents always bring her comfort.

The other door has an industrial clasp, and lock. Only Arcloth and Luinn have keys to this door. This door leads to another home on the block behind this funny situated home place. It abuts the House with the Ivy covered yard, but it sits on a street with only one other house, and it is a Dead-End.

Taking the keys from a pocket hidden within her skirts, by her fingers, the cold keys felt at home in her grasp. As she turns with keys in hand to the locked doorway, she sets the candy bowl on the counter. It is Time to get The Bowl! "I know the world has gotten greediereach year as we near the New Dawn. I feel we did well tonight! "Bad, bad children", Arcloth thought, and cackled a bit.

Arcloth used an Ancient Spell, that was as 'homemade' and from ingredients any good herbologist or Alchemist would have in stock. It took several weeks, but kept under the Witching radar in its simplicity. Arcloth prepared this potion to capture the greedy little spirits of children who were greedy.

When a Child with a greedy heart and soul, has the chance to do right, and share their find of an unattended bowl of Candy, they may attempt to take it all if that is their choice.. The only thing to stop them, is their conscience. When reaching after more than one single piece, if they reach into the depths of the bowl, past the worms and soil, the greedy heart helps the transformation. The children or other participants of this Hallows Eve, turn into Worms and Salamanders.

These "worms" and "salamanders", are freeze-dried and lightly-fried in the hearts of mice, and the grease of a razorback hog, covered in the flour of patchouli petals. It did Society a world of good by removing the greediest early, and cut back on bullies. They make lovely snacks, and are of the Highest Potency on this High Holiday.

Arcloth trembled as she dipped her first deep-fried worm in ranch dressing. Sitting in the kitchen, in the dark, She eats 5 or 6 of the treats. Thinking of Mavie Jo momentarily, she stands up, and is about to head to bed. Odd, as she turns to store the rest of the worms and salamanders in the freezer, the glare of a trucks headlights penetrate the Wild Holly Bush screen, and she feels rather than sees, the warming light hit her blank staring eyes.

Work in Progress

an experienced writer keeps in mind whenever a work is read by anyone, that just because the Writer Loves what he wrote, that doesn't mean, anyone else does. journey.

I worked hard on this halloween tale. Very Freaky. My goal was to break out of my 500 - 700 word pieces, and go for the big 3000 word story. I was very proud of it, but it bombed.

The story and characters have come alive and the story is a mix of real life scary things I have seen, and the fascination with the dark arts and spirit world. Ug. For the longer work, I guess I must needs use Word, and paper.I am going to leave this published, and do some editing. Perhaps other writers will not be embarrassed to .move in to more serious and lengthy work, knowing that when an author wants to keep an audience geared for more, it must be alive.

Mavie is 70 years old. She appears as a little girl, until you see her face. She does have a glow about her. She is the same as a child, but has been in a strange situation, I don't know where the hell she came from, Neither Aunt Arcloth, Craig or Luinn.Or this story... But they are sort of gypsy, Magik, supernatural. Unnatural. They are kind of snooty, for being "weirdo's" themselves.

These characters are my creation, this story is publicly my Intellectual Property. It may be bad now, or in development, But these folks are inside my head, poking and proding to get out...They could bathe more often too.

So, I am publishing this, but it is a work in progress...."Please Excuse our Dust", as they say when constructing where people don't anticipate construction debris. So...Sorry for the debris...


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    • LillyGrillzit profile imageAUTHOR

      Lori J Latimer 

      7 years ago from The River Valley, Arkansas

      Greg, why I just now only found this comment? I am way behind on reading. Sorry friend! Thanks for the good words for this story. Some of it is based on true events, so it is really quite frightening...the Real story of which is stranger than fiction. Hardly anyone would believe the very real stuff. I almost cannot believe it my own self [sic]. "The Life of Pi" I will check it out. Thanks :0) Peace

    • gg.zaino profile image

      greg g zaino 

      7 years ago from L'America- Big Pine Key, Florida

      Hey Lori, despite the fact that you feel this is undone, and regardless of your humble nature - i really enjoyed this.

      Worms and Salamanders- Ha!

      You have all the ingredients here for a good short story. your imagination is fine and you posses the courage to try anything!!!

      ...and i hated bein a worm when all my friends got to be salamanders. :))

      Arcloth is everyone's conscience- represents earthly justice... a great character, as well as Craig- develop those two characters more is my suggestion.

      i wanted to comment on the eye in the lime... The book- 'The Life of Pi" has a scene where Pi finds- well you'll have to read the book- if you haven't already :))

      Peace Sister~ greg

      ps)ur on my mind a lot lately- whats goin on? sumthins up- i know it

    • LillyGrillzit profile imageAUTHOR

      Lori J Latimer 

      7 years ago from The River Valley, Arkansas

      Thank you Denise, it is working itself in my head...strange bunch of characters. It may be book length - who knew? :0)

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 

      7 years ago from North Carolina

      Cool I found it very interesting...I was intrigued to continue reading. Keep working at it. It has a great start!

    • LillyGrillzit profile imageAUTHOR

      Lori J Latimer 

      7 years ago from The River Valley, Arkansas

      Thank you Ms. katiem! I really do look forward to your reviews. Your words are valuable in many ways, and I am thankful for your sharing your good words.

    • katiem2 profile image


      7 years ago from I'm outta here

      EEERRRRRIIIEE, Great story and warning for all the ghost and ghouls out and about this Halloween Season. We have trick or treat tonight. It is best to allow the spirits of the characters be as they will. Rated Up. Thanks for the spine tickling topic! ;)

    • LillyGrillzit profile imageAUTHOR

      Lori J Latimer 

      7 years ago from The River Valley, Arkansas

      saddlerider1 - thank you, your comments, and the read are appreciated! I will let the charachters do as they will, and get freaky.

      chan0512 Thank you for the read, and I am always glad to see you around! Thanks for the comment!

    • chan0512 profile image


      7 years ago from Camarillo, CA

      scary.. :)

    • saddlerider1 profile image


      7 years ago

      It certainly kept my interest hanging on each word till the end. Very well put together and scary. I hope you let those critters out to take a bath more often:0)) Peace

    • LillyGrillzit profile imageAUTHOR

      Lori J Latimer 

      7 years ago from The River Valley, Arkansas

      Thank you...both!

    • dallas93444 profile image

      Dallas W Thompson 

      7 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      Good start...

    • lmmartin profile image


      8 years ago from Alberta and Florida

      Huh -- did I eat the wrong kind of mushrooms?


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