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Wayne Dalton Garage Door Openers - Reviews, Prices, Spare Parts

Updated on February 13, 2012

On this page we are going to take a look at Wayne Dalton garage door openers. We will look at some reviews of Wayne Dalton, see what products they have when it comes to garage door openers and also talk about prices. Along with that we will also see where you can buy spare parts online for the openers. For all the information you need about Wayne Dalton garage door openers you need look no further.

Garage door openers are something that have become ever more popular in modern times. All over the world people are now starting to install simple garage door openers to make life that little bit easier. These were once seen as something that only the rich could afford, but now they are cheaper and easier to set up. So if you are thinking about buying a new opener, is Wayne Dalton a company you should consider buying from? Well first of all let’s tell you a little bit about the company itself.

Wayne Dalton The Company

Wayne Dalton are a well established company based in Ohio, USA. The company have been in business since 1954 and rely on old fashioned workmanship paired with modern thinking and innovation. The company specialise is garage door and garage door openers and they are considered one of the world leaders in the field. Although there are larger companies that specialise in garage door openers such as Chamberlain or Genie, Wayne Dalton combines sales of both garage doors and the openers. These are aimed at both residential buildings and also commercial businesses.

Wayne Dalton have a very good reputation in the industry for good quality products and affordable prices. The company is always looking to bring out new ideas and move forward with the technology they employ. They sell garage doors and openers all over the world and are always looking to expand their business model and reach new heights.

So that’s a little bit about the background of the company and where it all started. But what kind of products do they make? Well let’s take a look at some of the openers that Wayne Dalton supply. if you prefer you can get a quote on Wayne Dalton doors here.

Garage Door Openers

Interestingly Wayne Dalton actual advertise Genie products on their website. They have forged a partnership with Genie and so often if you buy a full system from them you will get yourself a Wayne Dalton garage door and a Genie garage door opener. This is not a bad idea from the company as Genie are a very well respected name in the business and one of the market leaders when it comes to selling openers. They offer some of the more well known systems and sell different variations of the belt drive, chain drive and screw drive. You can pick these up direct from the company or you can buy them for some pretty good prices online over at Amazon. This is also a good place to pick up spare parts such as remotes or new receivers.

As well as selling Genie products Wayne Dalton also offer their own openers. The most well known of these is the Wall Mount system they offer. This is the only opener in the business that you place on the wall above your door. Usually you mount an opener on the ceiling of your garage and there will be a rail that the door will slide along. The wall mount eliminates the need for that rail and thus looks far more neat and tidy. These are very popular sellers and if you read any reviews of them online they always get a good write up. Again you can usually find spare parts for these over on Amazon.

As you can see Wayne Dalton offer a very good range of products. As they don’t really specialise in just openers they do sometimes get left behind a little bit, that is most likely one of the reason why they have teamed up with Genie and now sell their openers as well. The fact is though that whether you are buying a garage door or a garage door opener from Wayne Dalton you will find you get a good solid reliable product at an affordable price.


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