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Justice part 2.

Updated on December 28, 2009

Justice part 2.

“I want to go back to Nigeria” i told her

She promised to take me back. The next day, she took me into one of the rooms in the house then counted out 500 euro and asked me to take the money. I took it and she told me that so far, that was what i have made. I became confused and started to cry, all aunty could tell me was to try and adapt to the system because there was no going back.
“Be a grownup” she told me.

That was what i got from aunty, a woman whom i have taken like a mother, a woman who vowed and swore to train me academically. A woman who told me a day ago that she knew nothing of the situation. I was enslaved and forced into prostitution and all she could even offer me was 500 euro for the beating, rape, torture, depression and fear which are my companion. All she could tell me was to be a grownup.

She traveled back to Nigeria after two days. It dawned on me that she was part of the whole thing. Aunty runs the racket, and she is the recruiter. She tricked me and soiled my dignity. I cried and every moment i want to get strong, i get weaker and all i could do was cry. There was no help, no one was willing to listen even the few girls that shared the same room with me, the whole six of them had been in the game for long.
“See her”

“Yeye, you wan get owo and you dey here dey cry like small pikin,abeg maintin ooo”

That was their comforting word to me. “Where is God?” i questioned, perhaps he exists only in the Bible and in people’s imagination. My Lord, On the 14th of February, I was picked up as usual and when we got to the house where i will either be raped, forced to lick a man’s entire body, have a dirty finger forced inside me, i was greeted by five men inside the living room, they were different from the whole set of men i have met before, they looked gentle and had smiles on them, each of them wanted to talk to me but i could not speak Italian, one could speak a little bit of English.

“ Seniorita,you sell well because you have body very nice and you young chica” he told me

I was unable to even speak as they directed me into a room, there was a big bed inside it and a video recorder mounted right in the center of the room. O my God i screamed


There was this big black Dog right by the edge of the bed, i was instructed to remove my cloths and pose naked for some snaps before the show.

“What did i do to deserve this from aunty” i asked myself
Why me?

I cried deep in my heart to God, God whom i believe does not exist anyway. I made up my mind that the last thing i will do was to allow the Dog to use me, i have heard about the dog show from Jessica, one of the girls in the house. As the men were busy fixing their camera and setting the room, i noticed that the window was open so i rushed towards it and that was how i spent the next four months in the hospital, it was from the 19th floor but miraculously, i landed on the ground floor and sustained just minor bruises though i was in coma for three and half month. The Embassy Intervened and that was how i was deported back to Nigeria.

Aunty was above the law besides there was no justice for the poor, nobody cared about me even the Embassy officials who promised to make sure that she was brought to justice never communicated with me after my deportation. I tried to see aunty on several occasions but she never wanted to see me, she owed me an explanation, she exploited me and defiled my dignity. It is true that i am poor and a no body but aunty owed me an explanation so i was ready for the worst.

I managed to beat the security in her hose that fateful day, she immediately rushed into her kitchen upon sighting me and brought a cutlass then attacked me with it but i overpowered her because she was fat and could not easily move her body, i disarmed her and used the cutlass on her instead but it was during this period that Blessing appeared from nowhere, i saw her in two occasions in Milan, she was a deportee too.

She was the person who poured the acid on aunty, i didn’t come with her and that was the last time i saw her. My Lord, if i am guilty, i am ready to pay any prize. You can even sentence me to death right away because it makes no sense for me to live.

The whole court room was quite and so many people present could not hold their emotion, Stephanie was right in the front row and you could notice the tears in her eyes even the Judge was not left aside, everyone noticed her clean her eye once in a while.

“All rise” the clerk ordered then the Judge rose and left the court room. Fifteen minutes later, she came back, she hit the bell and had few words with the prosecutor then silent was ordered.

The Judge began;

After hearing your story and with all the evidences submitted to this court by the investigating officer and the team of policemen both local and the Interpol, i wish to commend everyone who worked tirelessly to see that the truth prevail in this matter therefore the jury finds Miss Mary Okoronkwo not guilty, she is hereby discharged and acquitted of all the charges against her.

There were tears of joy, sings of victory in the Court. Mary got her Justice.

The End.


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    • Rossimobis profile imageAUTHOR

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 

      8 years ago from Nigeria

      Thanks folks for stopping at my most devastating hub.

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 

      8 years ago

      Incredible writing about hard stuff. Thank you Rossimobis! It is indeed a crazy world. There are too many stories like this.

    • BeiYin profile image


      8 years ago from Ibiza Spain

      Rossi, thank you for this story. This facet of daily reality is rarely shown and if it is told, then hardly any body wants to know about it, because it doesn't fit into the fake picture that is created for the common use. You are showing daily reality that is mostly hidden and it should give a reason to look at it to find out what is the reason for such a heartless behavior of people. So it would be good if at least you put up some questions if you can't give some light into the dark...


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