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Kiddie Korner (Riana the adventure that did it.)

Updated on November 24, 2014
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I have been the customer service field for over 20 years. I am a grandmother of 10 and on my second and final marriage,


Once upon a time there was a horse that lived in a cloud city. But before I go any further in this story, the horse is not a regular horse She was a Pegasus. In clouds city where she lived with her mom, dad, big brother and sister. Clare was her mom, Bob was her dad. Jack was her big brother and Megan was her big sister. Her name of course was Riana. This story is about how Riana lost her wings and still was amazing.

The video of Riana the adventure that did it all

The beginning;

Riana was a gorgeous young colt, She was the best in the land and she loved to play, but no one would play with her. So she would go explring. One day she came upon a cave but she remembered her mom saying "Don't go in to the caves. No eating cherry berry unless ther are found in the Kingdom". And her moms biggest rule was, no talking to strangers, So Rianna flew back into the Kingdom before she got into trouble. But on her way there, she got stuck in a bad mood stinky cloud. "Man I hate bad mood stinky clouds, they always put me in a bad mood". said Riana. Suddenly the cloud started moving as fast as a roller coaster. "Um ah Who's up there"! screamed Riana. No one answered. Riana tried to see who it was moving the cloud, but all she saw was a red tail with yellow stripes. As soon as Rianna thought it could'nt get any worse, the cloud hit the ground, and started to drag Riana around the dirt. Soon Riana got knocked out by a rock. When she woke up she was in the cave she saw on her adventure. Then she went to turn around so she could stand up, and then a whole bunch of hot air blew in her face. At this point Riana was face to face with a dragon.

Pegasus and dragons

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white and black pegasusdragonwhite pegasusjade dragonblack pegasusdragon flight
white and black pegasus
white and black pegasus
white pegasus
white pegasus
jade dragon
jade dragon
black pegasus
black pegasus
dragon flight
dragon flight

The Dragon

Riana was about to scream. But she realized the dragon was asleep. So Riana thought that she could just sneek out. "What a dumb dragon, I can easily sneek out". But what she didn't know was the dragon had a force field around his cave. So when Riana reached the door, she shocked herself and a alarm went off. So the dragon woke up and blew fire right through the force field. So Riana jump through the hole. But Riana burnt her wing when she tried to walk through the force field the first time. Riana had to run and she was not that good of a runner. But it was her only way to get away from the dragon! She got home in time, but that didn't mean the dragon gave up. By the time Riana got home it was dark. So Riana slept as close to her mom as she could get, because that was her best shot to not have a nightmare.
The next morning Riana brave and curious soul went exploring again. But she tried to stay as far away from the cave as possible. Soon as she found something interesting she heard a cry for help. But when Rianna got back to the kingdom. She saw something. But it was really nothing at all. her parents were gone. She could not find the queen nor the king. And the towns people had vanished. And the whole kingdom had fire, ashes, burnt pot holes were everywhere. Soon enough Rianna figured out what had happend. The dragon had took her guardians. But at the dragons cave he was having a good old time. Torturing his prey.


The End

So once Rianna figured out what happened she went straight to the dragons cave. On her way to the cave, right beside the cave there was a nest. And the nest had eggs in it. Ding! went Riannas mind. She thought the eggs had to be the dragons. So she took every single egg. Just like the dragon took every single pony. Rianna took the eggs to the pony manor. A place where only ponies can enter. so the dragon couldn't get the eggs even if she tried. While Rianna was putting her master plan together. At the dragons cave, the dragon went outside to check on her eggs. But as soon as she didn't see her eggs, she knew who took them. So she went straight to the Kingdom. she roared "GIVE ME BACK MY EGGS!". Rianna said calmly "Give me my town back". "NO EGGS FIRST!". "Town first". The dragon was not use to someone being so calm. When she roared. "FINE". Said the dragon. And then the dragon freed the towns people. "I'm so proud of you ". Said Clare Rianna's mom. Rianna gave the eggs back to the dragon. "Thank you so much good bye. Said the dragon."Hey wait". said Rianna."What". "Make sure you go far away with those babies" . "I will". "Good". Then the town worshiped Rianna because of her bravery. Then the King and Queen said. "You would be such a better Queen". And Rianna and her family were now royalty. And just because Rianna's wing was not flaw less. She was still the best in the land.

The writer


About the Author:

The writer of the stories of Kiddie Korner is a fourth grade Honor student. She is nine years old, born in April, the sign of an Aries.
Aries is the first Sign of the Zodiac. It represents birth and the first realization of Self. Additionally, people born under this Sign like to get things started. They tend to display strong leadership, and their extroverted and assertive natures let them lead off the new cycle eagerly. Aries is the Sign of new beginnings.As the first Sign, Aries also rules the first House: the House of Self, also known as the House of Personality. (according to


one of her many awards
one of her many awards

This little girl is very talented, artistical, and loves to sing. She has a extremely wild imagination, showing with some of the stories that she writes. She has a heart of gold, very kind and generous. Quite shy sometimes and very sensitive. Continues to get excellent grades in school, started from the very beginning. Always on the honor roll, last year obtain straight A's all four marking periods.

Messiah love animals of all kinds, she has been saying for the last six years that she wanted to be an veterinarian. She loves to watch animal pictures, from homeward bound, ice age, and her other all time favorites, vampire pictures. Messiah loves to read, and will read constantly. Two years ago now, she came in second place of the entire school spelling bee. If Messiah continues on this path she seems to be headed in, she will amount to great things.

Character of the first story

Jennifer the mother of the first story
Jennifer the mother of the first story

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