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Know Evil - Bits & Pieces

Updated on January 2, 2010

Take a Piece & Move Along

Freedom (additional subscriptions may apply)

Are we truly awake; living lives of distraction, devoting all of our energy to perpetuating illusions to keep the truth of reality at bay. Every day reality approaches, ocean waves of cold harshness eroding the carefully upkept illusion we call home while all around us the garden reeks of decay. Don't get me wrong, decay is not neccessarily bad (another example of the theater of mists - good and bad, light and dark, black and white), even as cancer eats away at the patient he waves his arms to the sky demanding life, fighting, biting, screaming, bleeding for it. Survival. The one thing encircling and intertwining betwixt each and every species on this planet. Try telling the lion on the savannah that the death of the gazelle it preys upon is atrocity. Perhaps it will laugh, in its own way. Most likely it will just 'act', as the gazelle lies bleeding, screaming, biting, fighting, demanding life. Every day death knocks on the door - should we invite him in - get to know him? Or should we turn the lights off and hide, our forms only lit by the flickering glow of the television screen as it bathes us in the latest scores of the game our fickle new age gods play; those gods whose desires to consume, procreate, and digest everything become us. Eyes open; are we awake. Someone's at the door; bleeding, biting, screaming, demanding life, fighting for it. For us. Open the door - let him in.

spit in the eye - mine(d)

What is ownership and what exactly does it have to do with the real world? Ideas should indeed have no owner. It is only through the proliferation of an idea that the many insights of the cornucopia of humanity can grow. Just as each and every object is a community, of sorts, so are ideas. So evidenced by the manner in which an idea can seem to erupt all over the globe at the same time. If we truly want ownership then we need to own up to the results of our actions through the course of a single day (for that is truly all we have): try to attempt to take time out of the equation and perceive exactly what that burger wrapper, dvd jewel case, plastic bag, or yes, even word becomes. The living legacy that we indeed are to our children right now should be about that 'ownership' not the excuse to power we've all been taught ownership as being.

Too Late For Action

70 years ago people were aware that there was no legal precedent (what does that word look like?), or indeed even need, to our government bailing out a company that had 'failed' so that said company could continue doing business with the American people. What's different now? How long do we continue to run our heads into the same wall, laying on the ground with blood running from our scalps, perhaps a little brain damaged, before we realize the current business model is not working. With the technology available today and our species' abilities to visualize the world as we see fit we should move on. The one that really gets me is the fact that 70 years ago people were also aware of a very finite amount of fossil fuels, as well as the damage being done by the use of such. Without even realizing it we've become a death worshiping society - our every need and whim created through the burning sacrifice of the dead. Kinda funny really, considering most people's basic denial of their own inevitable finish in the race. Off the point again, I hate only having only 3 neurons firing and rapidly dropping acetylcholine

Japanese Press (1945)

No one expects war to be anything but a brutal business, but it remains for the Americans to make it systematically and unnecessarily a wholesale horror for innocent victims. (by 1945 672,000 Japanese civilian lives had been taken by our US bombers using explosives mixed with incendiaries (to prevent firefighters from putting the flames out) while bombing areas in urban Japan known to be 87.4% civilian)
Colonel Harry F. Cunningham ( spokesman for the Fifth Air Force) officially stated, "There are no civilians in Japan."
Funny thing is, for all the anti-japanese propaganda produced in this country after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, our own Government had several warnings before the attack (many from our own ambassador in Japan) that one of our Pacific military bases would be attacked by the Japanese. Yeah, I had a Grandfather who served in the Pacific arena too. Good guy, kinda sad in a way though. I had another Grandfather who would regale a 7 year old Denny with stories of how he held a nazi down to allow a trolley car run over his skull, and a stepfather who served on a sub (he felt it was duty given that many of his family members had been turned into lampshades - yeah, he was Jewish) The truth is the truth, we all need to search for it, find it, fight for it; don't deny it - learn from it - TEACH IT TO OUR CHILDREN SO THEY MAY LEARN FROM IT-
Talk about irony: German civilians would use American owned factories in Germany as bomb shelters. Our pilots had been instructed not to bomb American owned factories in Germany, although they were producing the mechanisms of war used by the nazis to kill our 'flowers of youth' as the pres called em. Believe it or don't - Look it up - find out for yourself - then figure out which side you stand on. Be Real


If we don't learn from the past, we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes...
What if the truth of the past is kept from us? Or worse, subtly changed through omission and half truths, taught to our parents as children, us, and our children? What then? Not too hard to figure out, is it? Look around.
Sorry, had to laugh there (gotta keep smilin, it keeps us camouflaged from the crazy blind), thinking about an excerpt from a letter Christopher Columbus wrote to one of his patrons. After extolling the kindness, generosity, and open loving nature of the Arawak Indians, C.C. wrote, "they would make fine servants. With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want."
I guess cutting off the arms of Tainos who did not bring him a certain amount of gold fell under that 'whatever we want' statement. Just keep smilin, just keep smilin.


In the year 9782 it is discovered that the two dominant life forms vying for dominance on the planet Earth are aspartame and penicillin.

Gotta know, what does Xenophobia have to do with Patriotism?

what happens when all of the sub atomic particles of a particular mass are all accelerated at precisely the same speed? How long can you leave something in the microwave before it turns to mush? If Billy killed Sandy's friend in Ligeria and Sandy killed Billy's friend in Buttaria, how long before Billy and Sandy kissed and made up? What was Martin Luther King up to from 1965 -1968? Why did the rate of Venereal Diseases among teenage girls rise significantly from 1942 to 1945? Why are words like Environmentalism, Homosexuality, Murder, Violence, Fanatic, Drugs, and Death considered to be 'bad'? (Gotta say though, most media groups use these 'Big Gun' words quite well in improving sales through the escalation of public paranoia-beautiful tool, ain't it) And most importantly, when did the leaf forget it was part of the tree?

Do you buy it?

How far should accountability go?
Should people be allowed to marry?
Should 'people' be allowed to marry?
Should people from this select group who do not agree with my lifestyle, social/ economic outlook, race, or religion be allowed to marry?
Who owns life?
Has anyone patented love yet?
(oh yeah, FM Radio did:wait, no, that was the 70's)

Sittin, Listening to Steely Dan & thinkin

It's so much easier to label than to understand. True understanding of another hurts, at times, but that's alright. As Arnold Shwarzenegger (Sp.'s atrocious-so sorry good white man - as an old Thai friend used to say to anyone not Thai, all the while smiling) said in 'Stay Hungry': "If it doesn't burn, you're not growing", or something like that. The avoidance of a learned pain can be just as much of an addiction as the seeking of it. Certain words are so branded into our social psyche that it is painful to see beyond them, to become them - to seek the darkness not for the light that shines so brightly in it - but for the truth. Becoming what another may consider a stereotype is an allowance of freedom, the freedom life is truly about rather than the shackles the free market hierarchy forces upon us.
ooops, Steve Miller Band now
People used to think that when the wind blew, a witch could stick her finger in her ear and listen to the voice of the devil-I wonder what we believe as a people now, I mean truly, what singularity do we all believe...
I always wondered about the Morningstar...there's a shadow that waits at the end of the lawn here, in the night...I think (could be wrong) it's the friend of my grandfather, Bill Morningstar. Looked into the history of the name (years ago), both through my experience and research...the brightest star in the heavens - two things came up. Venus (goddess of love - the Morningstar) & Lucifer (the fallen, the most beautiful angel in heaven ( Little rough in translation, but it werx)). I wonder what that says about us as a people?
What do we believe in? What sacrifices do we make? What gods/goddesses/demons/haunts goad us on? Together, as one?

Always loved Harlan Ellison for exploring that unspoken (but accepted) territory. Neil Gaimen did a tremendous job of mapping it further. blah, blah, blah

Little Noise

It's the little things we do every day that add up. Shopping at local farmers' markets (not only helps local growers, it also enables one's body to acclimate more easily to the local flora), turning off lights - and keeping them off unless absolutely needed, planning out car trips so we aren't driving 'wasted', paying attention to issues on the local and federal level and acting upon them as our hearts dictate, recycling (makin it fun - get the kids involved so they are wise to the ways of the world), minimize or completely eliminate the use of all synthetic chemicals in products (food, vitamin, and most importantly cleaning (there's so many natural cleaning products -everything from salt and lemon juice to charcoal) (we have to 'vote with our dollar' if enough people do this, saying we will no longer support these industries' destructive methods, they will try new). There's tons of little things, but they all add up. Fun as all heck to get the kids involved (I know I already said this); their insight and natural exuberance will be what leads us in the future.
By the by, 'Run Your Car on Water' is a great practical read which explicitly details how to convert your automobile's engine to run 95% from water (it's pretty self-sustaining as well). Anyone with even the most rudimentary of mechanical skills (and a garage or work space) should be able to utilize this, for the benefit of everyone.

memories in tense (all the same)

'I've been changed by my fall...and to return, I must be different. Yet the change must symbolize how I began...' Doug Moenck
horror & comedy
philosophy & magic
violence & tragedy
life's aching mysteries
hesse, voltaire, camus, byron, lovecraft, gibran
& all the others passed over with having time
for love alone & no other
is simply that - a ship without the sea
too many too much
none left behind

Food for Thought

Older quote, 2006, but still makes ya think:
"Older generations always attack the media of the generations that follow. Ten years from now, if not sooner, we're going to have people in congress and state legislatures and editors of newspapers and producers at television stations who grew up playing Grand Theft Auto." Doug Lowenstein, ESA president.

Something else to keep in mind with these future generations, according to Keiji Inafune: "With zombies, they're straightforward - they're vegetables that exist to feed. But with people, you don't know whether they're your friend or your enemy."

Food for thought indeed.


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