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Knowing When People Will Die

Updated on May 12, 2013
Sydney Silver Photographed by William Robert Thompson
Sydney Silver Photographed by William Robert Thompson

Knowing When People Will Die

Knowing When People Will Die

There are many stories out there that people know when others will die, especially twins. Some people say twins are more sensitively interconnected. I don’t know about this, but if you are a twin who feels this way, please write in and let me know.

There were three times in my life when I felt certain I knew someone in my life would die, and I was correct each time. One night I was laying awake in the dark, turning and thrashing. I kept feeling as if one of my step-grandparents would die. I didn’t know which one, but it would happen in about two weeks. Finally, it was 4 am. I couldn’t take it anymore. I went to my phone, called my step mother, and said “mom, sorry for the late night call. Maybe this is nothing, but I think you need to visit your parents. I think you need to go now. I think Grandma or Grandpa is going to die.” She was very shaken, and told me that it was ok, and that she had been having that feeling too. She said “I’ve been feeling like that, and I need to visit them. I’ll go right after I’m done with this jewelry project.” I apologized and said it was weird and probably just me, and nothing, and she said it was ok again, and we hung up. Even though I had a massive feeling she had to LEAVE THEN! I didn’t insist because I thought I was being silly.

Two weeks later, my Grandfather died. My step mom called me sobbing to tell me she should have gone out there, that his medication had been accidentally messed up, and she could have caught it and saved his life. It was a few years later, that I had the terrible feeling my cat only had one year left of life. About eight months after that, I woke up our of a horrendous dream about my father. I woke up choking and gasping, and screamed “I have to visit my dad! He only has three months left!” My boyfriend at the time calmed me down, and I thought, wow, just a horrible dream, even though it nagged me horribly.

Three months later, my father died while I was out rescuing a dog from being shot. And a month after that, my cat died of cancer. Exactly a year after I had the premonition.

For a while, I was scared of myself. I didn’t know if I was psychic, or if I was causing these things to happen, as when I was a child, I felt sure that I was able to make things happen with my mind, like a witch does. Later, I decided that it wasn’t me, but that I was just somehow able to know or sense when these important beings in my life would leave and pass on.

IF you have had this experience, please write to tell me about it at

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