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LA Xpress Column About the Paranormal Sydney Silver UFOs 2

Updated on May 30, 2013
Sydney Silver
Sydney Silver

UFOS, Part 2

Archived Record of My LA Xpress Newspaper Column



We are on the topic of UFO’s, but briefly, Joseph Santacruz wrote in about my column on dreams we have as children, which appear to be beyond our years. Joseph was born on Dec. 7 (date of Pearl Harbor) and writes: “When I was growing up I used to have vivid dreams of war. I used to tell my father about the "sparklers"or fireworks in the air. No one knew what I was talking about and when I was about thirteen I saw actual war film which depicted tracer bullets which lit up the sky. I also remember barb wire and the smell of gunpowder etc. these things a four year old normally would not have.”

Thank you Joseph for that information. I did not know anyone else had dreams beyond their years. Could this dream be of a future, or past event? I do not know but it’s nice that others have had this experience J

As my readers recall, last column I told you about the possible beings which stood around my bed and tested my brain when I was about two. At that time, I dreamed of running through a spaceship. I knew I could only run inwards, as running to the edge of the ship would send me into outer space (there were no walls, only an air force field) and besides, the beings had told me there was a dragon out there which would eat me up. I would run past tubing and dirty walls to an inner chamber in the UFO, which vaulted upward. Kind beings made of pure light took escalators up to sparkling, well lit apartments which lined the walls of this immense cylinder. I would take an escalator and be welcomed, and walk amongst them.

I gradually pushed these odd dreams and experiences to the back of my mind and forgot about it until I was about 16. At this time I started having more strange experiences, which started with more strange dreams. My dreams were fantastical and sci-fi, usually revolving around other planets (but not the typical grey aliens). But then, I started having dreams which would wake me up in a panic, thinking that someone was in the room with me. This is when I started having waking experiences at night, in which no one in the house would wake up but me.

In one of the dreams, I was going down a slide; but a flap in my clothing slapped me in the face so hard that I woke up with blood rushing through my facial skin in dread. I felt exactly as if someone had just slammed me in the face with a pillow, and I could have sworn someone was in the room standing in the corner. I became terrified, sure that a ship was outside, so I started screaming.

Mind you, my sister slept in the bunk bed above me; she didn’t wake up. I screamed her name over and over again, then started kicking the wooden bottom of the bunk bed with my feet, lifting it 5 inches in the air. I begged her to wake up; then suddenly became panicked and silent that she refused to wake - and that not one person of my family of six had awoken due to my screams. I put my feet down; I closed my eyes in terror and prayed to go back to sleep.

This was not the only time in which I screamed at the top of my lungs for my family members to awaken to no avail; but it was the first time I had ever experienced it. I thought in my head “This is not normal, she should wake up. Why will she not wake up?” I forced myself to go back to sleep because I was too terrified to open my eyes or get out of bed.

This was the start of many strange experiences, marked with sleep walking, lights in the sky, bruises on my body and scratches on my forehead. At the time, I felt as if aliens were visiting me. My step mother even teased me about it once, and said “aliens are abducting you.”

I was so surprised she had said this as I hadn’t told anyone what was happening, that I asked why she had said that? She replied “because you skip your cycle for three months at a time then collapse into pain. Maybe they are impregnating you.” We laughed over this, but I also never forgot it. When I left home to go to USC in California, she called me one day to say “I saw lights in the sky over the house, multicolored ones that darted everywhere. They are looking for you.”

My step mother is also the only witness I have to a strange light I woke up in one night which buzzed our house (I will write in detail on that event in a future column). To this day, I wonder; was my step mother also being abducted, if such a thing was happening? She was the one person who remembered certain things, told me about certain things, and also acted as if it was real, even when she was teasing me about it.

I gradually decided I must be crazy (as I myself did not believe in UFOs nor did I believe in my own memories or mind). But one day in college that I remembered my step mother had witnessed the light which I woke up in, and I wrote her to ask: “Mom, am I crazy or do you remember a strange silent light which buzzed our house one night?” She wrote back immediately and said “Yes I remember it and you told me you woke up in it.”

It was at that moment I decided I was not crazy. Whatever it was that had happened, something had really happened; and I would no longer let people call me crazy, I would simply document the events. Stay tuned for next week when I tell you in detail about the light I woke up in.

Sydney Silver is co-hostess on 89.7 FM. Please listen to her past radio shows on (censored)


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